Small Thank You Cards for New Customer

When you are running a business, you always want your clients to be happy with the service and product so they can come back again. Expressing gratitude can be helpful in building a strong relationship whether it’s new customer or an old customer.  When you are running a business you have to make your customers come back. Having a good product people can trust or will be able to build a trust is the key. However, if you are in the service providing industry like haircut, massage, or even rental service, a true customer appreciation card will show good appreciation and a good add-on to the business. Do you know that Coach and Pandora employees personally write “gratitude letter” to the people they sold their product to? Sometimes an appreciation note is also a way to up-sell your customers by attaching coupons or upcoming event/sales notices.

Always remember to send a unique letter to each client. You can start with having a template. Hand-written appreciation note is always a plus. Here are some guidelines that can help you write a good appreciation letter to your new/old customers:

Thank You Our Customers


– Write the name of the customer correctly. This is going to be important because most of the customers get happy when they see their name spelled correctly. 

– Then begin with identifying the reason for saying thanks. It’s going to be a formal letter so just make sure that you are specific. You can begin by “thank you for your purchase” or” thank you for choosing our company buy…” This statement will help the customer to connect with you. The client will recognize a unique relationship with your business with the help of this statement. 

– The letter must not just be about gratitude. It must also include some follow up lines. You have to make the customer believe that he will be served as per his need. These follow up lines will help the clients keep coming back or think about your service or product next time he/she sees similar products. Don’t make false promises in the follow up lines. You just have to show the customers that they are important to you. 

– You have to mention your brand name or business name just to create awareness so that your customer can recognize you later.

– Then include the right closing. Mention that you will be delighted to serve them in future.  Then sign off and you are done with the letter. 

Thank You Customer

If you are looking for a gift for new customers, there are 5 gifts that keep you at the top of client’s mind on forbes.com.


Here is an example of an appreciation message to a new customer:

Appreciation message to new customer

Dear Mr. Morison

Thank you for joining the chain of our loyal customers. We are honored to serve you whenever you need our services.  We promise you to provide nothing less than excellent services at the most reasonable rates you have ever come across.

For your queries and concerns, please contact us on our toll free customer service hotline 111-787-787. Our customer care officer will be always there to assist you 24 hours a day.

Thanking you again for choosing Maxville as your financial advisor. It will always be our pleasure to serve you with the best. We can’t wait for another call of assistance from your side.

Yours truly,


5 Potential Thank You Gifts to Buy for Your Customer

Customers are the key to run a successful business. No customers mean no income, deadly isn’t it? Small thank you gifts for customers can win their hearts. If the shopping bags labeled with short “thank you for shopping here” like statements can bring smiles on their faces than why not the small gifts can?

1. Thank You Kit – Set of 5 Small Gifts

The thank you messages are enclosed in a precious hard box. The messages are carved on polished black river stones. Each pebble is engraved marvelously and covered in a posh velvet pouch making it more royal. Good use of pebbles though, rather flipping them in the lakes nature is re-used. Each kit is hand inspected for maintaining and checking the quality.

2. Greenwich Bay Trading Company Soap Sampler

The more your customer will use these gifted soap bars more they will be influenced to shop from you. Everyday use will make them remember you and your products. These luxurious bars will make your customers feel magnificent and royal as they are wrapped in a very attractive paper wraps. Moreover, are enriched with shea butter, captivating, sensual scents, and essential oils.

3. 1″ Round Kraft Thank You Stickers

Thanks to your customers and gift this round kraft “thank you sticker” and let them thank for the ones they want to. The sticking quality of the stickers is very firm and does not leave the surface once pasted. Also, you can paste them on thanksgiving gifts. Need not to burn your energy anymore in writing detailed statements on gift wraps. They serve multi purposes. You can stick on envelopes, either on gifts or various packaging materials.


4. Greeting Gift Stylus Pens – 2 in 1 Multifunction Pens

Show gratitude towards your customer by gifting them these stylus pens. These pens are printed with the “thank you” phrase and they are a perfect gift for users. The pen’s body is sleek, sophisticated and streamlined making it grip firmly. Material of the pen is lightweight so that one does not feel uncomfortable while writing. The fine tip of the stylus pen allows to pen down the tiniest details especially for art projects. Additionally, it is compatible with multiple touch screens from diverse brands only for your satisfaction.

5. Inspirational River Stones

Not even the blind individuals would ever dislike the artistic approach and good aesthetic sense. These engraved river stones are a very artistic and creative gift for customers. These stones are hand painted and come in various size and shapes. Forty pieces of stones possess forty different one-word messages. Each pebble is smooth and the lettering is done professionally. No doubt it is the best way out to make the worthless objects worth using for good purposes.

Let your customers know that they are an essential essence of your business. Without them, the most striking business industries topple over and face the backlash. Minor acts may be overlooked but they leave a very strong impact just like presenting small thank you gifts to your customers.

Here are some awesome thank you notes just for you.

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