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Throughout your professional life, you cannot deny the importance of your coworkers and colleagues. They can prove to be useful at many levels. In a workplace, you cannot simply ignore the ones you are working with. In fact it is because of the help from your good coworkers that your workplace can become a calm place for you. If you have supportive colleagues, you are lucky to have them in your office.

There are times when you have to be dependent on your colleagues and good colleagues are always ready to provide support. If you had gone through a situation where your colleague provided you support, then it’s time that you express your gratitude. Saying thank you is not going to be enough. You will have to appreciate or recognize them so that they can tell that you are truly thankful. Thank-You-Colleague


You might think about sending an SMS saying thank you will be enough but sending an appreciation letter to coworkers can be one of the most effective ways of expressing your gratitude. People are not writing anymore these days and if your colleague get a hand-written appreciation note from you, they will remember for a long time. Here are some guidelines for writing an appreciation letter:

– The letter must be personalized. Don’t make it a typical letter otherwise it will appear as you have fulfilled a formality. The person you are addressing should feel special. 

– If your coworker has been your companion or friend, you can write the letter in an informal way. 

– Mention the reason why you are thanking him. Don’t forget to mention the word “thank you” otherwise the whole letter will sound meaningless. 

Look at how Marita Bladh thank her colleague with a video:

– You can also mention about paying regards to family. 

– Make sure that the appreciation letter is received by your coworker. Don’t leave it hanging like this. 

– This appreciation letter can be about anything. If it was because you two did a project together, or you just want to say thank you for the support, this letter will make a difference.


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Here is an example of an appreciation letter to colleague for being a good support: 



Dear Marilyn, 

I just want to acknowledge about the great work support you always gave to me when I felt let down. I am really grateful for all the times you were there to help me and listen to my problems. You always made time for me out of your hectic schedules. The things I have achieved working in this organization are mostly achieved with the help of your support and encouragement. I could never have a best colleague than you. I consider myself lucky to work with a girl of your level. You are not just a colleague of mine but a very dear friend of mine. 

Your colleague

Mary Margaret 


Potential Thank You Gifts to Buy for Colleague

Grab your colleague’s attention from a monotonous routine and present a thank you gift to him. Compatible and responsible co-workers is a blessing for oneself at workplaces. Regard

such colleagues and forget not to appreciate their such traits. Admire him for being there by your side when no one else was there to kill the boredom.

1. Journal Planner/Colored Pens

Pen down all the tiny miny details with fine point markers. Discard the old rough pens into the bin and gift to your staff a new one. The high-quality colored art pens have a porous and fine tip. It has a water-based ink, dry, and safe to use. The ink does not leak through the enclosure, it is acid-free and non-toxic. They work the best even on thin papers and have bright colors to amuse the eyes.


2. Scratch Off World Map Poster

For colleagues who love traveling around the world. Present them a portable scratch off the world map. It comes along a comfortable scratching tool, memory stickers to mark your travel memories, eraser to clean scratch smudges and magnifying strip for the visually challenged. It is a remarkable idea for tracking and keeping the record of the places you have traveled.



3. Onetwo USB LED Clock Fan with Real Time Display Function

Gift the USB LED clock fan to your colleagues when the summer vibes kick in. This item serves two of its purposes. Primarily as a fan and secondarily as a clock. The unit has a soft PVC fan blades for safety and a flexible neck for adjustment. It automatically sets the time but possesses a manual time set as well. The clock colors are very vibrant. The product has a one year warranty.


4. Wireless Portable Mobile Mouse

Ease all the computer tasks of your colleagues by gifting them the portable wireless mouse. They will not have to face the tangling of mouse wire during the working hours anymore. This mouse automatically turns off after 8 minutes of inactivity to save the energy. It posses an ergonomic grip, which fits perfectly in the palm of your hands. While giving a firm grip, it prevents fatigue. It is compatible with most of the system platforms including Mac, Windows, and Linux. Additionally, it has five adjustable DPI levels which do not require any drivers to install.

5. Single & Double Camping Hammock

Wash away the burdens and stress of your colleagues by gifting them a relaxing and fun-loving accessory. Let them enjoy in the double oscillating hammocks. The item has sturdy hammock tree straps and manufactured with a parachute nylon material. It can support 500 pounds weight. Moreover, it is super lightweight making it easy to pack and carry for traveling.


Invest some time from the busy schedule and acknowledge the moments with you became colleagues. Cherish the memories when you started the journey as the strangers and ended up with amiable colleagues. Being such reputable colleagues adore one and other and exchange warm thank you gifts.

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