Thank You Note Examples for Kids

It is usual for kids to send appreciation notes or thank-you letters to their parents but isn’t it going to be a bit unusual if parents send appreciation message to their children, either son or daughter? It can be an interesting yet lovable gesture appreciation from the side of parents especially for grown up kids.

Thank you Daughter


This letter does not need to be on tons and tons of pages. Just like you as a parent would feel loved to receive an appreciation message from your kids all of a sudden, your kids will also feel loved to receive a thank-you letter from you. This written appreciation will stay with your children forever and when you are not with them in any time in the coming future, that letter will remind them of you.

The only question is how do you write a thank-you letter to your kids?

– You will start by addressing your son or daughter by their name or whatever you wish to call them… this letter needs not to be formal one. 

– Praise them as a son or daughter. Then tell them why you are writing the letter. Say that you want to thank them for being such a special kid in life.

– Share some memories, it can be both the good times and the bad times. It’s all up to you how you want to continue. Just let them know what you feel in your own voice.

– If you want to thank them for something special they recently did for you, you can stress the whole thank-you letter upon that. 

– In the end, conclude with an advice or something touchy that even your child remembers that after you are no longer in his/her life.

Thank You Daughter2

If you are looking for gifts for your children, there are the 8 gifts your grown children will surely appreciate on huffingtonpost.com.


Here is a great example of a thank-you letter from a parent to their son:

Thanks to children/son/daughter


My son, 

You have always been a source of joy for me and seeing you smile and contended with your life always been my wish. I am so proud to see you running your own company. I had always believed you had those leadership qualities in you because you were great at convincing your younger siblings to do things even better than me.

Thank you for giving such a big surprise to me. I had this wish in my heart that we celebrate my birthday together and you make my wish come true. Your presence for me is more than any present in this world.

Keep giving good surprises.

Your mom



5 Potential Thank You Gifts to Buy for Employees

A child will never bother about the quality of the cost of the gifts. Look of ecstasy on a child’s face could be felt the moment you hand him over the thank you gift. Naive smiles of children wash away the deepest sorrows of the adults. Children are the future of our lives. Make them feel they are an important part of your society and family. Although your child will most likely be older if you are writing this card to them. The following things are great buy for younger child.

1. Engraved Wooden Watch

This is for older kids generally older than 8 years old. Make your child learn the importance of time by gifting an engraved wooden watch. Engraving on the underside of the watch gives a very sentimental touch. It is hand-crafted with 100% natural wood. It is free of strong chemicals, and dyes. It is trendy and long lasting. The wooden watch is styled with Japanese Miyota Quartz Movement.


2. Melissa & Doug Wooden Building Blocks Set

This one is for child around 2-3 years old. Put your child’s mind in a mind-boggling situation and let them be decisive for constructing naive architectures. Present them a colorful set of wooden building blocks. It will help to utilize their time effectively and charge up their brains for something productive. The blocks come in 100 solid wood pieces, nine shapes, and four colors. It will aid them in learning mathematics at an early stage. No doubt it is a classic and a healthy way of learning.

3. Adventure Kidz – Outdoor Exploration Kit

For the kids who admire nature, keen about scientific exploration and outdoor activities. Don’t waste a single second and gift them the adventure kit. It is a complete package under an affordable cost. Comprised of binoculars, flashlight, lensatic compass and a large magnifying glass.



4. Active Life LED Bike Wheel Lights

Don’t give a second thought and gift them the active life LED Bike Wheel Lights. For sure these LED lights are the best replacement of the headlights and looks more trendy. They are easy to install and convenient for the kids to turn them on or off. They are spectacular for dense winter nights owing to their 3D visibility factor.


5. Crayola Inspiration Art Case – 140 Art & Coloring Supplies

Enhance the aesthetic sense of your child by presenting the art kit by Crayola. This unit is a portable art case with 140 art and coloring supplies. Washable paints, neon, and bright colored crayons, toxic free chalks and scented markers are what the art case offers. Moreover, the kit has 64 crayons, 20 colored pencils, 20 washable markers, 20 fine tip markers and 15 large sheets of drawing charts, all well arranged in a spectacular graphic travel case.

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