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Every relation is dependent on how we treat each other. Let it be blood relations such as family members or relatives, personal relations such as friends or casual relations such as colleagues and neighbors, every relation stand on the base of trust and gratitude. In order to maintain good relation with anyone, it is necessary to have trust on them and most importantly show gratitude for the role they have been playing in our life. There are many Thank you quotes you can send to your near and dear to make them feel special.

It happens that we forget to take time to thank each other. We become so busy in our day to day life that we have no time to think about each other. At times, we tend to take each other for granted. However, the relation may get strained in the long run if it is not frequently lubricated with the oil of gratitude. You may wonder when and how to say thanks to the people you regularly meet and spend time with. Of course, it happens that way. But, if you learn to take out sometime now and then and thank the people on some appropriate situations, you will have much more meaningful and close relationships with the people around you.

How to Write n Appreciation Quotes

Before getting ahead to jot down few lines and push them ahead, it would do more good to consider few points mentioned below:

When you have decided to send a Thank-you note to someone, brain storm these questions to get the required stuff to write Thank you quotes,

  • What help did the person do?
  • What is his/her role in your life?
  • Did he/she go out of the way to help or support you?
  • What does his/her presence mean in your life?
  • Will his/her absence make a considerable difference in your life?

If you could find an answer for at least some of these questions, the person deserves a good Thank-you note. Read further and make sure you follow below suggestions for writing an impressive Thank-you note.

Be Original

When you are writing Thank you quotes to send it to your friends, relatives or colleagues, make sure you express the amount of affection you really have on them. Do not exaggerate; else you may end up sounding inauthentic.

Mention the reason

Simply writing few Thank-you quotes to anyone wouldn’t help. You need to communicate the reason why you are thankful towards them. If you convey what they did for you or how they have made a difference in your life, only then your thank-you-note will have any impact. Else, all your energy will go waste as the other person may see it as false praise.

Give an example

After mentioning the reason, it adds up if you can mention any instance where certain help was done by the person. Suppose if you said that someone has helped you a lot in your studies, it would be helpful to mention in which exams or which subject they have helped you overcome problems or supported you to get better grades. If you praise someone as responsible for your bright career, mention when and where they have guided you, in which situation they helped you make a right decision.

Personal complimentary close

As in any personal note or letter, we use personal close in Thank you quotes as well. You may use something love, with love, sincerely etc.

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Here are some examples you can use in different situations:

To a friend:

  • It’s a great pleasure to have a friend like you. You have been a great support throughout the college. Let it be the base ball matches or the combined studies we did together for exams, your cooperation and help has always been a great asset to me. Thank you for everything.
  • Many friends come and go in our life, but only few stay with us forever. Thanks a lot for being that wonderful friend who always stood with me through ups and downs in my life.

To a colleague:

  • Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being such a wonderful colleague. I would have been lost somewhere in confusion if it wasn’t for your help and support at office. Continue to be the same amazing person.
  • I am indeed fortunate to have a thoughtful colleague like you just beside me at office. You are always there to sort my issues out. Thank-you for everything.

To a neighbor:

  • Very few people can understand us and provide emotional support. I am grateful that I have a wonderful neighbor like you who understands me and helps me during every challenge. Thank you for being an awesome friend.
  • Blood relations come by birth, but we friends by choice. I am glad I made a right decision in becoming a neighbor with awesome person like you who is so caring and affectionate. Thanks a lot.

Thank you card. Inspirational quote on a watercolor circle spot background.

To a relative:

  • They say blood relations are the best relations in the world. Very few people prove the quote as right and you are one among those few. Thank-you for being there in every difficult situation in my life and offering a helping hand in every crisis. Thank you, Uncle.
  • I am ever grateful for the words of faith you offered me during the funeral of my father. I would have shattered without them. Thanks a lot for your support aunt.

We hope these Thank you quotes will help you get a complete picture of creating an impressive thank-you note and help you write your own quote or probably you can take any of them as it is if its suits your purpose. Happy Thanksgiving!


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