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Gratitude is one of the most important things in our life. It is necessary to convey thanks to the people around you for all the good things they do. Expressing gratitude will strengthen the relations and make the people happy. While expressing thanks in a one line will do in some instances, at times we may need to thank people in detail, probably in few lines. However, in some rare occasions we may feel the need to thank someone in a special way. One of the best ways to express special thanks is through Thank you poems.

In a generation which is moving ahead with modern gadgets and latest technology, people rarely have time to send or read more than a few lines. Some people don’t even read beyond the first line these days. Writing poems is considered an old fashion in such scenario. But, again there are some special occasions. When you really want to praise a special friend or you want to thank a dearest person wholeheartedly, a poem comes to your help in such kind of situation.

How to Write an Appreciation Poem

Before you send Thank you poem to anyone for expressing your gratitude, it is better to consider the below points:

  • Before writing or choosing a poem, think about what the person did for you.
  • Analyze what range of intensity you need to convey in your thank-you poem.
  • Make sure that the meaning of the poem is relevant to both of you. Simply selecting a poem because it sounds good will not serve the purpose.
  • Focus on the style of the poem. Do you want to express your thanks in a sentimental way or a casual way? Think over on the kind of style that will suit your relationship.
  • If you wish to deliver the poem in person, It is always better to use a hand-written poem rather than using a print out.
  • It is also a good idea to give some gift along with the Thank-you poem. Use a flower bouquet or any personalized item as a gift. Your thoughtful gift would add more authenticity to the emotions you expressed in the letter.
  • Make sure that the gift and the poem you selected are appropriate to the age and gender of the person. A bunch of flowers may be a good gift for a young girl friend, but not a useful gift for a boyfriend. Similarly, the relation between both of you should also be considered while selecting the gift for the other person.

There are several poems which can be used for expressing thanks to someone you appreciate. Here we present some of them for you.

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Short Thank you poems:

A Rare Friend

There are very rare friends like you,

a person so caring and always true.

You helped me whenever I fell down,

You brought a smile in the place of frown.


It’s difficult to express my gratitude towards you,

All I could say is a big Thank-you.


Thanks for being there

You are a friend,

who is always in touch.

You are always there for me ,

Thank you very much.


You helped me come out of my blues,

And crossed me through my regret.

You supported me numerous times,

Which I could never forget.

Perfect friend

You know the perfect things to do and say,

You brighten and perfect my every day.

You often give that special gift,

to raise me with that needed lift.


You do your little favors in style,

Sometimes it’s as simple as a smile.

There are many more words to send,

Thank you for being a wonderful friend


My source of happiness

In the darkest of the days you held my hand,

and gave me a new hope to live.

You erase my worries with a magic wand,

and add happiness with everything you give.


Life was difficult without you,

You brought joy to my lonely ride.

I started life fresh and new,

with a hope that you are on my side.

Thank-you from the bottom of my heart,

In this life we will never depart.


Three stanza Thank you poems:

Special friend

You are a blessing in disguise,

one of the most amazing guys.

Thank-you for all the love and care,

The wonderful things you always share!


Without you my life was meaningless,

You brought me out of every distress.

Here is a big thank-you for every favor,

Friend like you I will forget never!


Thank you for being an amazing friend,

Our wonderful relation will never end.

You will always be the best,

until I lay down in eternal rest.


You are the best

What can I say about a person like you,

So fresh and lively as a morning dew.

You have an amazing lovely charm,

You make me feel bright and warm.


You were always there to make me chill,

Of course you always paid the bill.

You brought me out from every fear,

I have no worries when you are near.


We will be together as long as we live,

For all the love and affection you give.

I couldn’t convey my thanks every day,

But can only smile in a loving way.


Thank you so much dear friend,

In this life our relation will never end.


While it is a bit difficult to write a poem on our own, it may not be too difficult to create one by combining some of the lines from the above Thank you poems. Give it a try and who knows! When you are suffused with emotion, you may write even a better poem than all the poems given here.

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