Thank You Notes

Thank You Letter To Colleague


Dear Marilyn, 

I just want to acknowledge about the great work support you always gave to me when I felt let down. I am really grateful for all the times you were there to help me and listen to my problems. You always made time for me out of your hectic schedules. The things I have achieved working in this organization are mostly achieved with the help of your support and encouragement. I could never have a best colleague than you. I consider myself lucky to work with a girl of your level. You are not just a colleague of mine but a very dear friend of mine. 

Your colleague

Mary Margaret 

Thank You Letter To A New Customer



Thank you for joining the chain of our loyal customers. We are honored to serve you whenever you need our services.  We promise you to provide nothing less than excellent services at the most reasonable rates you have ever come across.

For your queries and concerns, please contact us on our toll free customer service hotline 111-787-787. Our customer care officer will be always there to assist you 24 hours a day.

Thanking you again for choosing Maxville as your financial advisor. It will always be our pleasure to serve you with the best. We can’t wait for another call of assistance from your side.

Yours truly,


Thank You Letter After Interview


Dear Mr. Wight,

Thank you so much for having an interview with me on October 25 for the recruitment of management trainee officer.  The trainee program you outlined during the interview was challenging as well as rewarding for me. I am going to graduate in December with my MBA degree and I am looking forward to hear your decision about the job.

I have already mentioned that I have worked as an intern twice before and I am experienced for working in diverse environment. All the documents have been enclosed with the resume. I look forward to hear from you.

Your very grateful

Samuel Jackson 

Thank You Letter to Employer


Dear Mr. Tom

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to work on such a challenging project. I was determined to complete in time but the continuous errors and hurdles had always got in the way. I am glad to have such a cooperative survivor. You made me late working hours less stressful for me. 

I explored a lot of possibilities and the project made me learn a lot. My experience working on it was tough as well as helpful. I cannot thank you enough. It’s really hard to find such cooperative supervisors in today’s time. 

Thanking you 

Bill Louis 

Thank You Letter To Your Employees


Dear valued employees

Thank you all for your patience and help while the company reconstructing and renovation was in process. Input from every single one of you was valuable for the wellbeing of the company. You were disciplined and you were still determined to work in all the fuss and noise. I am really happy to have you as a part of the team. Now that things have became smooth, I would believe that all of you would show the same patience. Such dedication is needed for the well-being of the company. 

Your willingness to take every challenge is admirable to me. Please continue with what you are doing and reach for better everyday. 


Russo Limburg 

Thank you letter for meals


Dear Emma and Jorge 

A big thank you for buying Smith and I dinner last night. The meal as well as your company was wonderful for us. You guys made our night amazing and full of memories. It was really fun to be around you. We have meet after a year and I still feel the sparkle in our friendship has not changed a bit. 

The chicken was delicious and the dessert was simply amazing. It was hard for me to believe that you made this and Jorge actually assisted you. Smith was quite impressed with all the presentation. I can’t wait to do it all over again. 

Yours lovely friends,

Lita and Smith

Thank you letter for gifts


Dear Gift Givers,

Thank you so much for this precious gift on my graduation in my day-care school. It was great to have your gift by my side at my graduation ceremony and it was even lovely to get such an amazing present from you. I have always wanted to receive something that I can make the most use out of it. I don’t consider it an ordinary pen but it’s something from which the best things in my life will be written. 

I will keep it with me my whole live and guard it

Sincerely yours,


Thank you letter for donations


Dear bob

I have just received the generous $500 donation from your company to Pine Hills Orphanage for the poor. It honestly means the world to us and the world to the people we serve. We are happy that now we can continue serving more kids by providing them with food and shelter they deserve. 

We are so lucky to have a generous donor like you. We can’t be thankful enough for investing money in our organization. We will update you about all the special events and the public dinners throughout the year. 

Thank you again for your investment. We respect everything you do. 



Thank You Letter for Bridal Shower


Dear Aunt Sarah

Thank you for coming to my bridal shower and celebrating the joy of my upcoming wedding.  The dinner set as my wedding present was totally wonderful. I am going to save it for special dinners with family. And it’s going to always remind me of your love and affection. Aron says he really like you and I wasn’t surprised why he wouldn’t because you have always been a really fun person in my life. 

I would be glad if you and uncle john would attend my wedding. I know he is always busy with his books but your blessings at my wedding are truly important. 



Thank You Letter Writing at New Year Gathering


Dear Mr. and Mrs. Kevin,

It was a pleasure for me to spend thanks giving with you. Now that New Year is here, I wish you both happiness ahead. New Year is always the time to show gratitude and I am thankful to you both for supporting me when I thought I had lost my everything. 

I look forward to spend more time with you in 2015 and let you both take care of me. Because of your support and counseling, I have managed to continue by studies and job both side by side. I wanted you both to know that it’s been really helping me a lot.

Kind wishes,

John Richard 

Thank You Letter for Wedding Program


Dear All,

We are thankful and happy to see you at your special day. You have always been supportive and it was because of your love and support that we are together getting into this scared relationship of marriage. 

You have taught us how to love and it’s you who have made it possible to love each other so unconditionally. We truly cherish the love and happiness we have found in one another. We pray that God guides us in making our future and help us maintain this love forever.  Today is the day we will treasure our whole lives. 

Susan and Jeff

Thank You Letter for Funeral Event


My family and I were deeply touched with your funeral message for our Jerry. He was fun and loving boy and we know he will be missed by his friends as much as we miss him. Thank you for honoring him. Having your mum by mother’s side to condole her in this hard time was really thoughtful. I wasn’t sure how we were going to make her clam down but with the support of your mother, we had it all control. I am really grateful to her for this act.

It’s a request to visit us soon again. 

Yours grateful,

Smith and family

Thank You Letter for Wedding


Dear Michael and Britany

Thank you so much for such a perfect gift. Britney, it’s really grateful to learn that you remembered my love for the crystal wine goblets I saw in London. Jeremy even captured my excitement when I saw those goblets. I would have loved if you two came at my wedding too but I know how busy you guys are and how you have to be around Michael’s grandma always.

But Jeremy and I are looking forward to have you guys here in NJ so that we could enjoy some time together and enjoy some memories. 

Thank you again

Laila and Jeremy

Thank You Letter for Farewell Party


Dear group,

It was a great pleasure for me to work with you guys. I won’t be able to replace all the fun and joy we had along with working. It was really special to get a farewell from all my mates. You have given me so many memories to cherish. All the good times and bad times spent with you guys in the office cannot be forgotten. All the pranks, all the sarcasm and our meals. They were great times.

I am delighted to tell you all that I have enjoyed every moment spent with you guys in the office. I don’t image I can find such friends and colleagues in any other workplace.

Thanking you 

Reed Miler 

Thank You Letter for Baby Shower


Dear Melissa

The baby blanket is just too much adorable. It’s not the only thing I admire. I also admire your presence at my baby shower. It was a big surprise for me to see you there coming with all those balloons and my favorite red valet muffins along with the baby’s present. I can’t wait to wrap my new born in the blanket. You have always been great at finding the cutest things around. You made my day and surely made by shower special. 

You along with Joy have always been planning something special for me and this time, your presence was more special for me. 

Thank you buddy


Thank You Letter for Birthday Party


Dear Brenda

Every birthday, you have always astounded me with your presents and surprises but this year, it was something special and I really felt it from heart. The party was simply awesome and if can’t imagine to celebrate my birthday without you. It’s always been a pleasure to enjoy in your company. Although we have been best friends since childhood but you have always helped my mother in making arrangements for my birthday party.

This year’s present was even wonderful. It was a scrap book having pictures of all my birthday moments. I am going to be in Boston next year so don’t know whether we will celebrate birthday together or not. Here is a big thank you from my side.

Love you


Thanks You Note to Children/Son/Daughter


My son, 

You have always been a source of joy for me and seeing you smile and contended with your life always been my wish. I am so proud to see you running your own company. I had always believed you had those leadership qualities in you because you were great at convincing your younger siblings to do things even better than me.

Thank you for giving such a big surprise to me. I had this wish in my heart that we celebrate my birthday together and you make my wish come true. Your presence for me is more than any present in this world.

Keep giving good surprises.

Your mom


Thank You Letter for Mother’s Day


Dear mom,

Happy Mother’s day. I wish I could be with you at this special day but sadly my job always keeps me tied. You have always been keen to take up my problems and frustrations despite of how much engaged you had been in the home chores and your flower shop.  And I have always been a brat and rude to you, always coming home late and not eating the lasagna you baked every Thursday. But being apart from you makes me miss you a lot.

You have stilled loved me in all my forms and moods and I am thankful to have your support and affection. 



Thank You Letter During Thanksgiving


Dear Mom and Dad

I am already grateful to have your son as my husband and now I am again grateful for the wonderful thanksgiving dinner. There couldn’t be possibly a better place to spend this time than with your parents. The love you have given me is more than my own parents would possibly give.

It was fun marinating the Turkey with mom and sharing jokes with dad. I wish we spend such wonderful moments quite often but it’s sadly only once a year. Horney was homesick already but the care he had here with you guys along our side was something really precious. Can’t thank you guys enough.

With Love

Linda and Henry

Thank You Letter On Father’s Day


Dear Papa

You have been one of my best pals who has been there for me all my life. You are my hero and my role model. I have been blessed to have a father like you. Although I always used to come home late and I was never good at baseball and you were tired of my lame shots which always used to break the windows of Mrs. Barnes but you had always covered me.

Couldn’t thank you enough for giving up your free time to train me and make me a better person. If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t have reached the place where I am.

Your son,


Thank You Letter Christmas


Dear Brenda,

I know we couldn’t spend this Christmas together and I really missed all the fun and memories we had always made each Christmas. But I can’t thank you enough for the presents I received from you. It was great to see you sent videos of all the lovely moments we spent together. Even my mum loved the video. It was Christmas bonus for me

Hope to meet you soon so that we can join that cooking class together. I have been planning to come for long vacations this time to make some new memories.  Happy Holidays 

Your friend 



Thank You Note to Your Driver


Dear Harry,

Thank your for your services for the school trip. We only call you occasionally for the local trips but as this year, there are more students who were about to graduate, we couldn’t rely on anyone than your bus service. Students have always been comfortable with traveling with you and some of you are familiar with you too.

We really wish you could join bus back but we are thankful enough that despite of your own private bus services to take care of, you always give us time to provide seasonal bus services. It has always been a pleasure to have you working with us.

Yours truly,

Madam Jeffery

East High School

Thank You Letter for Bankers


It was a pleasure for my company to get banking services from your bank. Your bank has always been a companion in clearing our checks and most of my employees have their accounts in your bank.

I couldn’t thank you enough for clearing the import lot. We just received the consignment yesterday.  Your follow ups and assistance was of great value to us. We will soon be doing more import deals so your bank’s assistance will be required even more. Timely assistance is all what’s needed and your bank has always been prompt when it comes to assistance.

Waiting for more of your future assistance.


Vaughn Import House

Vaughn Caplinger

Thank You Letter to Pastor


Dear Mr. Ruggers,

Today, we want to thank you for being our Pastor. You have been serving the church in our community for a long time. Visiting the church every Sunday and hearing the stories about the miracles of God by you is something that’s really peaceful for not just us adults but also the kids.

Also I and my family are thankful for the inspiring message on the dedication of our baby. Your wishes really mean to us. You have always remembered us in your prayers and your presence and contribution towards the religion has been a lot beneficial for our lives.

Cannot thank you enough for dedication.


James Scotts

Thank You Message for Lawyers


Dear Mr. Morgan

I wanted to express my gratitude for your efforts and dedication for my case. It was quite a long and upsetting process and I could never thought anyone would stay by my side for this long but  you were very generous regarding it. It is really hard to make someone who doesn’t know you believe that you are innocent but you still put all your efforts in clearing my name.

I am grateful to you that you took all the stress and restored everything out for me. Your faith, knowledge and determination were something that solves my worries. Thank you.


Morgan Rush

Thank You Letter for Coaches


Dear Mr. Pete

I am thankful to you for coaching me this year. Your efforts on the field and off the field have made me a better player. The hard training and of course the fun I had under your supervision is worth the joy. 

I never thought I would ever make it to the A team but I actually did. I give the whole credit to you. It was your patience and sportsmanship qualities that have been transferred to me with the hard training and leadership. You are not just my coach but my mentor too. I couldn’t have been such a better player without you.


Andrew Paul

Thank You Letter for Accountants


Dear Mr. Miller,

Thank you for reviewing the accounts of my company. I have been wondering where to find a reliable person who could go through the statements by keeping his honesty and integrity. Then I remembered you had been really great friends with my father and you used to take care of the accounts of his company too.

I can’t thank you enough for being with me when I had a lot of other pending tasks to do and you spared some time from your busy routine. Hope to be in touch with you for future meetings. Please do visit us to spend some family time together.

Derin Black

Thank You Letters for Teachers


Dear Ms. Keen 

I know I haven’t been one of your favorite students but I must say that I couldn’t have graduated without your efforts. You used to always advise me to start focusing on my career too and stop wasting time in those pranks that my gang of friends and I used to pull. But I never stopped.

Last year of school had been tough for me and luckily, you were there to make me a responsible person. I never thought I would be a graduate with such good grades. Your tips your effort, everything has enabled me to do well. I can’t thank you more than this.

Your Student

Jason Peck

Thank You Letter to Your Friend


Dear Martha,

My vocabulary just ends when I get to the point to confess my admiration for you. You are a God’s blessing, someone who was always been there for me when I needed a head start in my life. After all these years you were the one who always stood by me and showed me the right way whenever I got caught up. No one in this world can hold me up like you do sweetheart. You mean the world to me now and I can’t let you go after all the fun and adventure we have been through. I just want us to be forever young. 

Your dear friend 


Thank You Letter For Getting Scholarship


Dear Mr. Don Evans,

I couldn’t thank you enough for awarding me this scholarship for letting me continue my studies abroad.  After my father’s sudden death, you were there to guide me and help me apply for the foreign scholarship program. I was helpless and I had no support. I could have missed this opportunity and I don’t even consider myself capable of the reward but your assistance mattered a lot to me. I was really lucky to find you there in the scholarship awarding committee. 

It’s a life time opportunity for me. I consider you may mentor now.

Thanking you

David Waters