Thank You Notes for Hospitality

Being hosted by someone for quite some time or even just overnight is not something to take for granted. The host had to go out of their comfort zone to let an intruder in their home. Think about all the things the host had to go through to make your stay comfortable; they had to buy extra food, cook your favorite meals, interrupt her schedule just to attend to you and so many other things you cannot afford to take lightly.  Even after you leave, your host will still have work to do to get her home back to the pre-visit mode. The least you can do is to write them a thank you for hospitality note to make them understand that you enjoyed your stay and appreciated them for the hospitality and generosity.

How to Write a Hospitality Thank You Note

Writing an appreciation note is simple. “Thank you” should the very first word in your letter. This should be followed with a positive comment of the experience you had being hosted in their home. Talk about how lovely and cozy their house is or maybe how much you enjoyed the meals. Tell them you would like to visit again and you are looking forward to it.  Make sure you sign out with the name they address you with just to make sure that they know you are the sender of the thank you for hospitality note because they might have hosted several people in the recent past.  Sending a gift alongside the letter would be a nice gesture of your gratitude for their hospitality and generosity. Make the present as simple as it is not a necessary thing to do anyway.

An appreciation note for hospitality can also be sent to people who invited you to an event too. Use it to let them know that you appreciated their invitation and you had great fun in the event. Most event hosts are left wondering if their guests liked the food that was served; make sure you mention that you liked it.

When to Send the Thank You Note

It would be nice if you sent the appreciation note as soon as you get to your home. If you had other stops and got home later than the following day, you can still write the appreciation note. However, it would be courteous enough if you sent it no later than a couple of weeks. Although, late is better than never. Remember to apologize if you feel like you are sending it too late.

General rules

  • Handwritten note is better than imprinted cards

Writing your thank you for hospitality by hand will make it more special than sending a typewritten letter, appreciation cards or emails. A handwritten note will make your host feel that you thought it.  You might think it is old fashion but remember the tradition etiquette will always have a place and no one would ever mind it. Your host will appreciate the effort you put in it especially on the part that you had to go all the way to the post office to purchase stamps.

  • Make your note sincere

After thanking the host in the introduction, point out some highlights about their home. Talk about the food and maybe tell them that you would like to know what the secret recipe was. This will make your host feel that they did a great job and  you enjoyed your stay. Do not be overly sincere though; your host does not need to hear you asking them to fix their broken kitchen sink. Stay positive as much as possible.

  • Make the note personal and affectionate

If you are writing the thank you for hospitality note to a family member or a close friend, make it more affectionate by letting them know that you love them. If it is someone you are not so close with, tell them that you are looking forward to meeting them again.

  • End the note appropriately

While ending your letter, use a closing such as “sincerely”, “with love” or any other depending on your relationship with the host.

Notes to bear in mind

  • If you are sending an appreciation note for being hosted in an event, you can attach some photos you took during the occasion. This will affirm that you had great time in the event for sure.
  • You should not send an email thank you for hospitality message unless you two have a routine of keep in touch via email. Yes, it is a high-tech world you are living in, but sending an email will only come out as lazy and maybe cheap.

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A sample of a thank you for hospitality note

Dear Mark and Jane,

Thank you for having me in your lovely home over the weekend. I had a great time, and I really loved the pajamas you offered me. Jane, you are such a great cook. Your meals were delicious; I cannot stop thinking about the sweet potato pie that you served us.

I felt at home during the entire stay and would like to return the favor. If you are in New York, let me know as I would like to host you. I would love to see you again.

Warm regards,



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