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The pain of losing a beloved one is unbearable especially if it is a close family member. In this challenging period, the family of the deceased is usually under intense pressure and emotionally disturbed, so the help offered to them by anyone goes a long way to comfort them.  It is vital to draft thank you notes for funeral to the people who attended the funeral as a way of appreciating their help to you and your family. You can wait till you feel emotionally ready to sit and write these notes; no one is rushing you. Read through the following guide to learn how to write an appreciation card for a funeral.

How to Write Thank You Card For Funerals

Step 1: Gathering supplies

  • Make a list of the people to thank

The director and staff of the funeral home should be the first people in your mind since they played a significant role in making the funeral happen. Include those who sent you flowers or helped in one way or another in the service. Do not forget to send a thank you note for funeral to the pastor who conducted the funeral. During the burial, there are those people who reached out to you, and their sentiments touched your heart; now is a good time to thank them.

No need to write an appreciation card to everyone who attended the funeral. This will only give you more work than you can handle during this challenging moment. Reach out only to those who went out of their ways to do something extra. The rest of the people will be thanked in the funeral service.

  • Decide on the cards or stationery to use

This is not the type of an appreciation note that you will send via email. Show some effort by buying a thank you note for funeral at the store. Sending handwritten appreciation card are even much better as they make the whole appreciation message personal.

  • Keep it simple

Do not spend much of your energy writing these an appreciation card. All you need to do is let your supporters know that you appreciated their help. They don’t expect much from you either since they understand you are grieving. Even though etiquette is important, write whatever comes to your mind. All people want to know is that you appreciate the support they gave.

Step 2: Decide what to say

  • Speak from the heart

Let them know how you appreciate them for being there for you when you needed them. No need to write paragraphs, two lines are enough to express your gratitude. If it is someone you are close to that you are writing the note, you can make it personal by maybe discussing the deceased and how you feel about the loss.

  • Be specific

While writing thank you notes for funeral, mention what exactly you are thankful for. If the recipient donated some money, let them know that you are thankful for their generosity. When writing an appreciation card to people who contributed financially, do not mention the amount of money they offered; make it general. You might have lost track of the things people did to you; dont’ specify what they did if you are not sure about it. In such a case, try to be vague as much as possible.

  • Do not feel like you owe them long written appreciation notes

Sometimes when people have done so much for you, it is only human to feel like you owe them a lot. A simple thank you is enough. You do not have to write a long appreciation card trying to explain to them how thankful you are for their kindness.

  • End the appreciation note by signing your name or the family name.

Step 3: sending the thank you notes

  • Send the notes on time

Etiquette rules state that the appreciation notes should be sent two weeks after the funeral. However, it is better to send them late than not to send them at all. If you post them late, apologize for taking long. Your friends know you are mourning they will not mind your late appreciation message.

  • Ask for help if you will need it

Write these aprreciation notes all by yourself will not be so easy. Remember you will need someone to go to the post office to get stamps and envelopes. Don’t strain yourself with too much work; a little help from friends or relatives can do.

  • Have it in mind that writing the notes is not a necessity

In the case where you do not feel emotionally ready to sit down and write thank you notes for funeral, just let it go. Everyone knows you have been through so much already and they don’t expect much from you. If anything, it should be them looking out for you.  Do not beat yourself up for not making it to write the an appreciation card.

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A sample of a thank you note for funeral

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Joshua,

It was really nice seeing you at my father’s funeral. I appreciate the effort of you traveling all the way from Europe. I cannot thank you enough for your generosity during the funeral. Your words of encouragement were comforting to my family and I.




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