Thank You Notes for Awesome Teachers

Being a teacher is not the easiest thing on earth as you deal with students with various characters and dreams as well.  Good educators will guide you through your potentials to see you achieve your goals no matter how big or small they are. It is a good habit to spare a few minutes of your time and express how thankful you are to your educators especially those that go out of their ways to embrace your strengths.

However, teacher appreciation thank you notes can come from parents as well. Finding good teachers is never easy nowadays. If you find out that your children’s educators is doing an excellent job in bringing out the best of your kids, the right thing for you to do is to send them an appreciation message. Parents should know the importance of showing support and gratitude to their children’s teachers. The future of the kids depends on the education and skills they get from the teachers. You might also need to appreciate them for the fact that they spend most time with your children than you do.

How to Write an Appreciation Note to Your Child’s Teacher

  1. Start with some rough work. Use a sheet of paper to organize your thoughts. Think about what comes in your mind whenever you think of that specific teacher.  Before you start writing the teacher appreciation thank you notes, consider the following:
  • The positive things you have heard your child talking about the educator.
  • Your experience with the teacher.
  • How you would describe the educator to someone else
  • The teacher’s personality


  1. Write your note by hand

Teacher appreciation thank you notes that are handwritten will be appreciated better than an email or a computer typed one. You can use a decorated card or a blank sheet of paper. If you decide to use a blank sheet of paper, it would be nice if your child includes some artwork. This will make the educator feel more appreciated.


  1. Address the teacher formally

When writing to a teacher, remember to make the message sound more like a professional one. Start with “Dear”, followed by the name the students use to address the educator in school. Make sure you know their official name as most children use nicknames when referring to their educators.


  1. Formulate your thank you

This is where the rough notes you made in the first step comes into your aid. Use the ideas you came up with in step one to help you express your gratitude to the educator. Do not allow yourself to feel like you have to make the teacher appreciation thank you notes sound all flowery. Go with whatever comes to your mind to make it look natural.


  1. Put it all together

Look for ways to make this letter feel as though it is specifically meant for just that one teacher. It might be that one teacher that you barely get along with; put your differences to the side and come up with at least one thing to praise the educators about. Let the teacher know that your child appreciates them too. For example, “John values the board project he made in your class, and he still plays it whenever he is free.”


  1. Sign the card

Thank the teacher once again and end the letter by signing your name. Make it formal by adding “sincerely” before your name.


  1. Deliver your letter

If you wrote the letter by hand, it would be nice if you hand delivered it to the educator. You can also drop it in the school mailbox for the educator or mail it directly to them.

Writing an Appreciation Note to Your Teacher

Consider the following tips when writing an appreciation note to your teacher:

  • Connect with your educator. Let your teacher know how much you appreciate them for impacting your life positively through the lectures. Sometimes all teachers want to hear is that their lectures meant something at least to someone if not everyone.
  • Establish further contact. Make it clear that you would like to network further with the educator in the future. You can go ahead and provide means that the educator could use to contact you
  • Include a quote or a joke. The teacher must have used a joke or quote during one of their lessons. Use either of them to show them that you pay attention during their lectures.
  • Include a gift. You can decide to attach a gift to your teacher appreciation thank you notes. However, keep it simple; do not spend much on the tip.

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Sample of an appreciation note from a student to a teacher

Dear Mr. James,

I have always been proud of you as my teacher from the very first day you walked into our classroom. You never lack a smile on your face and kind words to say to every student which I really appreciate. You have ignited our curiosity and made learning more fun through your love for students and mostly teaching. You taught us never to give up as our mistakes give us an experience that brings us closer to success. You might not know how much impact you have made in my life; I wanted you to know that I appreciate you for making me the person I am today.

My thanks always,


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