Tips On Sending Thank You Notes After Funeral

Losing a loved is the most heart wrenching pain in this life. During such time, it is hard to find the right way to express our gratitude or send out right wording on a bereavement thank you note. Generally, appreciation notes do not need to  be  lengthy or wordy. A simple appreciation note written in sincerity can do better as long as you are able to express your thoughts and emotions in your personal style.

How to Write a Bereavement Thank You Note to

  • Normally, it is the traditional part of funeral etiquette to send a thank you note after a funeral. It signals your appreciation for mourners who attended the funeral.
  • The recipients of your appreciation notes matter a lot but that does not mean you have to sweat yourself out to write appreciation notes to every attendee in person.
  • The timing of sending these notes is very relevant, as you cannot wait for weeks later to do so. It is important to concentrate on the closest family members and others who played the role of contributing to the service in whichever way.
  • First, consider writing to those who contributed by sending you gifts, flowers or even donations. It may not be a huge sacrifice but it showed that they were thinking of you during the tough times you were going through. It also signals that they care and are ready to support you through the moment.
  • During the funeral, you probably had those who supported you by helping you run errands, or preparing meals for the attendees. They should be included in your list of people who deserve your bereavement thank you
  • Write to those who helped you in funeral or spoke at the funeral.

Ways to convey the thank you message

The method to convey the appreciation message may seem like a simple task but you have to vouch for the method that shows your sincere gratitude prior reading the letter. You can decide to opt for hand-written bereavement thank you notes. This may seem like a chore but there are several healing benefits to sending this kind of notes. Therapeutically, when you acknowledge your appreciation of other people, it is for the beneficial of you and the recipient, as it will reciprocate the supportive feeling. In addition to this, it can help reinforce friendship bonds and most likely, you will end up revisiting their affirmative responses and their efforts to comfort you.

When a person is grieving, he or she tends to experience upsetting motions during the arrangements necessary to get the funeral service running. The etiquette of sending these letters requires that you send the notes no longer than two weeks. If the time is exceeded, the appreciation notes may not have the same impact on the gestures compared to when it is sent on time. There are various ways to convey affliction appreciation messages including the following:

  • Use of commercial cards- This type of appreciationcard is usually ready-made and you can buy them from the store anytime. The messages on the cards vary hence there is nearly a card that suits every person’s needs.
  • Homemade cards- Using homemade cards is becoming popular in the recent times. An incredible gesture is sentimental. Even though, it may help in keeping you busy doing a reproductive task as mourning goes on.
  • Use of thank you note supplies- Consider choosing quality stationary as an essential in getting the best creation for your cards. You can ask a family member or friend to go with you to your selected store for making the purchase on bereavement thank you
  • Use of E- cards- With the current technology, sending E-cards messages has become a common method. The convenience in using this kind of method is that, you tend to have the opportunity to send the card to several people at once.

What to write on the notes

Ensure you mention the exact reason why you feel you should thank that specific person you are writing to. Personalizing the appreciation letter adds touch of sentiment and makes the recipient feel that they played a role in supporting you through your difficult time.

If the recipient of your letter was a close friend to the deceased, you can include personal anecdotes in the appreciation notes. If you feel overwhelmed with the grief and do not have the strength to send out the letters, you can delegate the duty to another family member. If this is not possible, you can leave it, as it is not a requirement.

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A sample of a bereavement thank you

Dear Alicia,

I wish to take this chance to let you know how thankful I am for all your love, thoughts, and prayers. I do appreciate the phone calls and your condolences after my sisters’ passing. Not to forget how grateful I am for the bereavement card. I highly appreciate your coming to the memorial service and funeral at large. You are a blessing and a true friend to my family. I wish to let you know that I will always value our friendship. Thank you once again for your kindness and keeping us in mind during this rough time of our lives.

Warm regards,


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