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Gratitude always counts. Expressing Thanks is one of the perfect ways of strengthening the relationships. Let it be for a personal reason or related to your profession, conveying Thanks with a Thank you note is always appreciated. It is very important to convey thanks in order to show the other person that you have paid attention to their gift and you value their contribution. Further, a hand written note carries more value than a whole page of printed material on a greeting card. We receive gifts in the form of things or cash. When people receive money, they become somewhat confused on what to say in return. If you have never sent an appreciation message earlier or you never had to write a Thank you note for money, here we present you see some generally followed ideas and tips.

How to Write an Appreciation Letter for Money

Mention the purpose:

When you are writing a Thank-you card for money, you need to convey if you’re planning to save the cash or if you’re going to purchase something with that money. If you intend to save the-money, convey the reason for which you’re planning to save the cash. Let them know that their contribution is going to be a part of an important investment for a better future. In case if you are going to spend the-money, mention on what you have planned to buy with the-money they have gifted you. Let them know that their contribution has helped you buy something which was very important to you. Mentioning about what you’re going to do with the cash will give lot of satisfaction to the people who have gifted it. Further, there are more chances of getting such gifts from them in future as well.

Apart from mentioning the purpose for which you are using the-money, there are some more guidelines on what you should/ shouldn’t mention in such note.

Guidelines to follow in Thank you note for money.

You do not need to mention the amount of cash in your Thank you card. Obviously, the person who gifted the money knows it. So, it would be enough to refer to it as the money you have gifted.

It is also better to refer to the-money as ‘Gift’ instead of using the word ‘amount.’ Say something like ‘The gift you have given me has helped me in purchasing …..’

If you do not have idea on what to do with the money, you may simply mention that you are going to add this cash to your savings to spend on something important in future. It shows that you’re not wasting the-money they have gifted you on unnecessary things.

If the money you have received was for an occasion such as birthday, anniversary or marriage, you can mention the event before mentioning the-money such as birthday-money or cash given as birthday gift.

Better to be Honest

It is also a good thing to be honest and not try to impress with false statements. Do not say that you’re going to pay for your higher education or planning to buy something big, unless you are really sure about that. It won’t be appreciated when the other person feels that you’re simply flattering them. Instead it would spoil the purpose of sending thank you note. So, be honest and share the purpose if you have one or mention that you are saving it for future use.

Keep it simple

Sometimes it is much better to keep the things simple rather than prolong them in detail. Thank-you card for money is one such thing. You do not need to explain everything in detail. Let them know that you are thankful for the money and tell them how you’re going to spend it. It’s better to finish the note in two or three lines. It would be simple and powerful.

Don’t be too conservative

Do not end the note with just a single line saying ‘Thanks for the money/gift.’ It will leave them confused on whether you value their gift or you have sent the note just for formality. They would probably wonder what you would do with that money as well.

Check out this steps in Writing a Thank You Card for Money in

Samples of Thank you note for money:

“I was surprised to receive the money you have sent to me as birthday Gift. I will be able to buy a new sweater and keep myself warn during this winter. Thank you very much”


“I am glad to receive the gift card. It will be a big help to buy the things required for my summer camp. Thanks a lot.”

“I am going to use the birthday money you have gifted me to buy my favorite pair of boots I’ve been longing to have. I just can’t wait to get my hands on them. Thank you so much.”


“I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the generous anniversary gift. I haven’t planned on what to spend it on. But, I want you to know that I am quite happy and grateful for it.”


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