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We often keep getting gifts on various occasions. Let it be a birthday, wedding, anniversary, friendship day or any other occasion, people express their love and caring with the help of a gift. Some gifts may be for formality, some may be generous and few may be overwhelming at times. However, irrespective of their magnitude or cost, we need to be thankful to each and every one of them. A Gift is a symbol of the concern of a person towards you. If they don’t care for you, they would never take the pain of buying a gift for you, getting it packed and come all the way to give you. So, respecting the sentiment of others and appreciating their concern, we do need to send a Thank you note for gifts we receive.

When you sit down to jot down those lines thanking the people who have sent gifts to you on any occasion, at times you tend to fall short of words. You may not understand how to start, what to say and how to end. In that case, we provide some guidelines on how to write a Thank you note and let you know some dos and don’ts while writing them.

How to Write an Appreciation Letter for Gifts

Mention thankfulness first

First of all, make sure that you convey Thank you in a proper way. Many people write a note without bothering to notice that they didn’t thank specifically. They go around the bush and often come out without doing the main task – saying thank you. Therefore, the best thing to do is to start with words conveying Gratitude. Check out some opening sentences for your Thank you note for gift

  • Thanks a lot for the beautiful card that you have sent on my …
  • I am really grateful for the generous check …
  • I am overjoyed to receive your awesome album …
  • It’s a moment of great joy to receive …
  • Thank you very much for the awesome soft toy …
  • I have to say thanks for this wonderful dress …
  • Accept my humble thanks for …

Mention the name of the gift

It is always better to mention the name of the gift or service that you have received. If you have observed the above examples, we rarely used the word gift, instead used the name of the item which has been given as gift. But, you ask why? Of course, it gives a personal touch when you mention the item they have gifted you. After all, they have spent time to search and buy you a lovely present. You need to at least respect the time and energy spent on buying the gift.

Mention what makes you feel thankful

When you express happiness and say thanks, it sounds quite formal. If you are able to mention why the gift has made you happy or in what way the gift is going to help you or make your life better, it would justify your initial statements. Mention the reason in the Thank you note for gift and make it authentic.

Consider some of these examples,

“I loved the incense candle sticks you have gifted me on my anniversary. They would realize my dream of having a candle light dinner with my husband at home.”

“The perfume you have gifted is really fantastic. I got compliments from two of my lady colleagues today.”

“Thanks a lot for the wonderful Barbie dress you have gifted on my birthday uncle. I wore it in the fancy dress completion and got the first prize.”

End with a personal line

Instead of using general lines which would be applicable to anyone, try to use some lines which will imply to both of you and would help you in bringing you people closer to each other. You may try something like this in your Thank you note for gift:

Please come down to dine with us in the coming weekend

I wish we could plan a trip together in the coming month

I hope you and jenny would come to our home when you visit the town

Please bring your children as well to the city fair next week.


Finally close it with a personal complimentary close such as: With love, friends forever, lovingly, affectionately, friend always.

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Dear Charlie,

Thanks a lot for the wonderful blue sports jersey you have gifted me on my birthday. I have been longing to buy a new jersey from over a month but unable to take time to go to town. You have made my work easy. Please come down to our place in the weekend for a treat. We would go on trekking trip if you are interested.




Dear Joan,

I am so grateful for the wonderful teddy bear you have gifted to my daughter on her birthday. She was instantly attracted to it and is in love with it. The doll has become her companion in every activity including sleeping. Thanks a lot for the thoughtful gift. We are planning to visit the town in the weekend. Let us meet up if you can take out some time on Saturday evening.

Friends forever,



You can tweak the samples and add your own details that match your situation for preparing a personalized Thank you note for gift. Make sure you follow the above mentioned steps for creating an impact Thank You note.


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