Writing An Effective Thank You Note For Donation

Suppose you run an organization and you happen to receive funding of any kind, sending a thank you note for donation should be on the must do list. This will strengthen the relationship with the donors and may secure your future funding in addition to letting them know how much you appreciate them. Several organizations receive donations to boost their efforts a couple of times in a year.

Types of Appreciation Letters for Donation

  • Financial donation- This is the common and basic type of thank you note for donation. Sending this kind of letter should be done as soon as you receive a donation for your organization. The content in it should be thanking the donor for what they contributed, and creates room for future opportunities.
  • Sponsorship- Many businesses or persons can decide to sponsor a special function and contribute finances to meet the requirements. Writing a letter to acknowledge this action requires no different approach to do so because they all attain the same goals. This letter specifically addresses those who have taken the liberty to sponsor your organizational event. The letter details the amount of donation and benefits given in exchange for the sponsorship.
  • Attendance thank you letter- Organizations tend to hold special events at different times of the year. After the event is done, these organizations send appreciation letters to those who attended the event. However, this is appropriate if your event had the purpose of raising funds through the gathering. Therefore, you ought to send this letter to those who attended the event for charity benefits and have played a role in doing so. The letter should include the date of the event and can mention any future events to add on it.
  • Business thank you letter- It is important to thank any businesses that may have donated to your cause. You can send this thank you note for donation letter to businesses that have sent contributions to your organization. It is the best way to show appreciation.

Why Establish a Perfect Relationship with Your Donors

When writing the letters to show appreciation, the donors feel humble and can easily donate to your organization when there is a need to. It is important to keep in mind that to achieve this, any type of the above thank you note for donation should have similar basic information. In the letter, there are some points that should not miss. For instance, ensure the letter details make a personal connection to your work; show the donor how their funds assist in the growth and development of your organization. Also, give a hint on where you are going. Remember that, with perfect relationships with donors, the connection can last for years.

How to Write a Thank You Note for Donation

  1. Punctuality- The moment a donor sends funds to your organization; it opens room for a conversation. Being prompt in sending your appreciation card to them will prove to them that you are determined and committed to your cause. It will indicate how grateful you are for their help. Therefore, it wise to send the letter in less than seventy-two hours after receiving donation.
  2. Organized content- Being punctual in sending the letter does not have great impact compared to having a heavy and powerful content. They both go hand in hand. Instead of using the usual thank you in your letter, try brainstorming on ways that can make your content come to life. Avoid long sentences that that will ramble. Either way avoid using complex jargon that may not be familiar to the donor.
  3. Informing your donors- Explain to the donor how the donation has contributed to your cause accomplishment. Keep them in the loop about the plans you have for the future.
  4. Add a personalized touch- this will make the donor know you are addressing him or her specifically. This will make him/her stand out. Write the thank you note for donation in first person and ensure you address the donor with full names.


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A sample of an appreciation card for donation


Helen C. Villanueva

Managing Director

Children Empowerment Facility

57899 Blue Waves Street

Manilla, Philippines 30489


Dear Whitney,

RE: Appreciation

Earlier this morning, I was checking through my mails when I came across your generous donation. Words may not be enough to express my appreciation for your support in our lifesaving work with children in Philippines. In our children empowerment facility, our main goal is to ensure every child is well taken care of in terms of food, education, and shelter. We fight the idea of children in our area sleeping hungry or sleeping in the streets.

Your generous gift of $800 will play a big role in sustaining these children and in helping, we will eradicate hunger in Philippines and beyond. We will be able to invest in providing meals and building extensive shelter to accommodate them all.

Thanks to you because you have changed the course of the children’s lives. Now they will be able to sleep well and be better off than any other day.

Whitney, thank you once again for this donation means everything to us.


Helen C. Villanueva


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