Thank You Note for Christmas Gift

Christmas holiday is the time that most people expect to receive more presents than any other time of the year.  May it be an expensive gift or a well-cooked meal; you need to show your gratitude.  You can do this by sending them a note saying thank you for Christmas gift.  Say thank you to everyone who sent you a present regardless of whether you liked the present or not.  The following criteria will help you in writing the appreciation letter.

How to Write a Thank You Note for Christmas Gift

  1. Beginning the appreciation note
  • Keep a list of the gifts

Keeping a record of presents and who sent them will make it easy. This way you will know who to thank for what present. It would be rude if you acknowledged someone for something else other than what they sent you.

  • Do not procrastinate

Taking so long to send an appreciation message for a gift that you received might leave the sender wondering if you did not receive the present or you are just rude. Once you have opened a present, take at least a day or two to let the sender know that you received it and how much thankful you are. Some people get busy during this season and forget to send a thank you for Christmas gift note. It is never too late to do that; you can still send your appreciations as late as you are but remember to apologize for the delay.

  • Address the recipient

Start with dear followed by the name you address that person with and then a comma in the end. Make it look less formal by using a nickname especially if it is a member of the family. Use terms like mom, dad, brother, grandpa depending on your relationship with the recipient.

  1. The appreciation note content
  • State the purpose of your note

Go straight to the point from the first line. Let them know that you are writing the note to thank them for the Christmas gift they sent you. It would be nice if you start the first line with “Thank you”.

  • Mention the present

It is courteous that as you mention the specific item as you write the thank you for Christmas gift note. This will make the sender feel that you paid attention to the gift. Try to be vague if you are not sure about the condition of the item the recipient sent you. It is much better than stating a different present as it will sound rude. Some people might send money as a Christmas gift. Mention that you appreciate them for their generosity; it sounds better than “money.”

  • Tell them how you felt on receiving the present

Use descriptive language to explain how you felt that day when you opened the gift and saw what it was.  Let them know that the present came at the right time when you needed that specific item.  An appreciation Christmas gift card should make the recipient feel appreciated as well as the present.

  • Mention how you will use the gift

The best thing you can do in an appreciation note for Christmas gift is to make the recipient feel that you were impressed by the present. They will feel proud of themselves for hitting the nail on the head. That is the least you can do in return for the sacrifice they made to buy you the gift. For example, if they gifted you a coffee pot, tell them how it makes the better coffee than your previous broken one used to. This will make them feel that their gift has been of help to you.

  • Give an overview of Christmas

If you did not spend Christmas with the recipient, give them an overview of how you spent the rest of the day. Even though you do not expect them to write you back, ask how their Christmas was.

  • Make plans for future contact

Show the present giver that you would like to remain in contact with them maybe by either of you paying the other a visit, making phone calls or writing messages.

  1. Finishing the note

Thank the gift giver again at the end of your thank you for Christmas gift note. This is to ensure that they get the intention of your note is to thank them for the present they sent you. Choose an appropriate signature to close with depending with your relationship.

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Sample of a thank you note for a Christmas gift

Dear Sarah,

I would like to sincerely thank you for such a lovely coffee pot you gifted me with as a Christmas present. Looks like you knew exactly what my heart desired. At that moment, my previous one had broken and I was looking for exactly like the one you sent me as a present. I truly appreciate you for the sacrifice you made to get me the coffee pot. I started using it since the day I received it and it makes the best coffee I have ever had.

I am sending you this bracelet as a token of appreciation for your present and mostly our friendship. Please accept my gift as little as it is. I really hope you like it. I wish you and the rest of your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

I cannot wait to meet you and thank you in person.

With love,


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