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Are you looking for a special way to show love to your mother? What can be a better way than surprising her on mother’s day by sending her a thank-you letter?  This letter can come in really handy if you are not with your mom to celebrate the special day with her. You can surprise her by sending her a letter on her special day.

Honestly, this letter will mean the world to her.  However, it’s going to be way different than any greeting card you ever wrote for your mom. You will have to use your own personal voice by writing real things that matter to you. The letter’s length does not matter. 

 Thank You Mother


You will have to explore your memories with your mother before you start writing. These memories can be anything like some special day together, the activities that you used to enjoy with your mom or some other memory. It’s not important for these events to be life changing.  In your letter, you will have to share any of those memories. This will make her learn the differences she made in your life. 

Here are some important things you need to consider for writing a touchy letter to your mum:

Take all the time you want so that you can really understand what you should actually say to your mom.

Be specific in telling your mother that she is amazing and she is someone whom you can’t imagine your life without. 

You don’t really need to use poetic language here. You can even write in your own everyday tone. In fact that will be much useful because it will make your mum feel good knowing that you have written everything yourself. 

Don’t forget to thank her. Whether you are a parent yourself or not being an adult, you must acknowledge the hardship of being a mother. 

End by saying that you wish you could be a lovely mom like her.

Thank You Mother 2

If you are looking for a gift on Mother’s Day there are thousands of of gift ideas on pinterest.com


Here is an example of a mother’s day letter saying thank you 

Mother’s Day Thank you letter

Dear mom,

Happy Mother’s day. I wish I could be with you at this special day but sadly my job always keeps me tied. You have always been keen to take up my problems and frustrations despite of how much engaged you had been in the home chores and your flower shop.  And I have always been a brat and rude to you, always coming home late and not eating the lasagna you baked every Thursday. But being apart from you makes me miss you a lot.

You have stilled loved me in all my forms and moods and I am thankful to have your support and affection. 



Top 5 Gifts for Mothers on Mother’s Day

A person who brings us in the world while bearing the pain equivalent of cracking bones. No one can be negligent for celebrating her happiness, happiness what she sees in her child’s glory. Brighten up the mother’s day while showering with gifts and brighten her life by respecting her existence.

1. Bath Bomb Gift Set

Bath bombs are a very fancy and trendy accessories for the bathtubs. The colorful whirls produced by diffusing bath bombs infuses one’s interest to an extent that they prolong their bathing time. The luxurious spa kit comes with a whirling, easy to diffuse bath bombs made with vegan essential oils. Organic shea and cocoa butter helps to prevent dry and flaky skin. The chemical-free, organic product aims to rejuvenate dull and gloomy skin. Six pieces comes with six various benefits making the bath bombs worth buying. Lavender to relax your muscles, Vanilla for detoxification, Grapefruit to energize, Peppermint to treat sinus while Eucalyptus for congestion relief. Give a break to your mom from domestic chores and let her relax.

2. Embroidery Cotton Linen Pillow Gift for Mothers Day

No mom in the world would deny accepting the embroidered fabrics as presents. The handmade, embroidered cotton linen pillow would be a very enchanting gift for your mom.

Make her back rest on the comfortable sofa with even more comfortable and soft linen pillow. The cover has an invisible zipper and a high-quality texture of the fabric makes it lifelong. The embroidery on the pillow is worth appreciating, as it reflects beautiful words and elevating the status of your mom even more.

3. Traditional Handmade Wooden Jewelry Box

Most of the moms are very fond of traditional accessories, ornaments and jewelry. Let the “Desi-Indian” vibes enshroud your dressing tables. This wooden jewelry box is entirely a traditional Indian masterpiece. The box is beautifully carved with Indian trendy design patterns. More precisely it is known as a “Sheesham Trinket chest”.  Sheesham is a rosewood, resistant to termites and widely used for wood carvings. Traditional jewelry and the traditional jewelry box perfectly compliments one another.

4. Decorative Iron Dragonfly Rain Chain

Catch the fresh dancing rain showers in the iron made rain chain. Reuse the rainwater with the assistance of these decorative Dragonfly rain chime. The length is kept standard to hang it to your desirable places. The iron is polished with high-quality paint to prevent it from corroding and rusting . The cascading rainwater from the iron buckets creates an extremely mesmerizing moments to enjoy.

5. Amish Wagon Decorative Indoor/Outdoor Garden Backyard Planter

In the name of those moms who love gardening, present them this ornamental and well-crafted plant wagon. She will surely burst with joy the moment you surprise her with the planter. Evince your plants and blossomed flowers and let them live in the whole new habitat. The four-wheeler craft is constructed with wood and high-quality iron.

Even if you reach your fifties, you’ll call out your mother and ask that one remedy for the toothache she used to follow in your teenage. She brought you up as a humane human, being when your existence was merely a clot of blood in her womb. Mother’s gift is just a gratitude, for sure she deserves the best of all.

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