Scholarship Award Letter of Appreciation

If you have received an academic grant or you have just been privileged to get scholarship, then it’s high time you write a thank you message for getting eligible for it. This is an important gesture to show your appreciation to the donors or the board. The academic grant must be sincere and it should not be much fawning. It must express your appreciation that you are very grateful for this award and how it’s going to impact your life. As you are not writing this message to any friend of yours, the tone strictly needs to be formal but it must be pleasant of course.


The message or card should need not to be long. One or two paragraphs are going to be enough. If you have applied for the scholarship online, then you can send the message through email. However if the case is opposite then you must send the letter through traditional mail. The letter should be printed on professional paper. You also have to ensure that the letter is free of grammatical errors. 

Scholarship-Thank-You-Letter 2

Here are some important points that you have to consider while writing the message:

Mention your college or university

You must mention your educational background and the problems you had to come across while making it to college 

The letter should include your interest in extra circular activities and the projects in which you have taken part 

Tell about your educational and career goals

Tell that you really appreciate this gesture of getting the scholarship and tell how grateful you are for getting this opportunity. Tell that it’s bliss for you and your family.

You must mention the name of the academic grant program and you must also mention the name of the donors. 

It must have a professional flow. Conclude in a formal way, sign off and post the letter.

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Here is an example of scholarship letter:

Thank you scholarship 2


Dear Mr. Don Evans,

I couldn’t thank you enough for awarding me this scholarship for letting me continue my studies abroad.  After my father’s sudden death, you were there to guide me and help me apply for the foreign scholarship program. I was helpless and I had no support. I could have missed this opportunity and I don’t even consider myself capable of the reward but your assistance mattered a lot to me. I was really lucky to find you there in the scholarship awarding committee. 

It’s a life time opportunity for me. I consider you may mentor now.

Thanking you

David Waters 

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