Thank You Email After Phone Interview With Banker

We often need bank services for handling our financials and monetary transactions. We need banking in all kinds of matters in life. We need to get money out of the banks for shopping; we need loans for carrying our business activities and so on. Basically, every field of life has a monetary and financial aspect in it. How can we show our appreciation to the bankers who have helped us out in a time of need? Writing a conventional appreciation-message would be the perfect option for making our banker feel appreciated and supported. Keep in mind the following tips and instructions, you will be able to write the best thank-you-letter for your bankers.

Thank you banker


Address the bank

When writing an appreciation message for bankers, you might not know the name of the banker. You can simple start the appreciation message by addressing the bank or by not addressing anyone at all. You can begin the letter with a simple sentence stating your thank you. 

Keep it brief

It is important that you keep the appreciation message for the banker brief. Bankers have a lot of financials to take care of and therefore have no time to read long and detailed letters. 

Simply state the purpose

Simply state the purpose of writing this letter i.e. thanking the banker for his services. You can mention how important the deal was for you and how your life would have been difficult if this transaction or monetary aspect was not cleared in proper time. 

Get it printed

You can get the appreciation card printed and emailed or faxed to the banker. This will show your professionalism and the banker will be able to read your letter easily. Writing the appreciation message for a banker with your own hands is never an advised thing. 

Expect further assistance

One event isn’t the only time you will need the services of a bank. Therefore, you can mention towards the end of the appreciation letter how you expect this bank to serve you in the future in the time of need as well. You can also mention how this is the only bank you would be seeking financial help from because of their earnest dealings. 

End the letter

You should end this appreciation letter by signing your name and writing your post and the company where you work. This will make an impact on the banker and he will surely have you in his consistent clients’ list. 

Thank You note Banker

If you are looking for a gift for a banker there are thousands of gift ideas on


It was a pleasure for my company to get banking services from your bank. Your bank has always been a companion in clearing our checks and most of my employees have their accounts in your bank.

I couldn’t thank you enough for clearing the import lot. We just received the consignment yesterday.  Your follow ups and assistance was of great value to us. We will soon be doing more import deals so your bank’s assistance will be required even more. Timely assistance is all what’s needed and your bank has always been prompt when it comes to assistance.

Waiting for more of your future assistance.


Vaughn Import House

Vaughn Caplinger


5 Potential Thank You Gifts to Buy for Your Banker

Bankers are one of the most esteemed and prominent figures of the society. They can easily turn the tables of the economic activities. Let them know how important it is to have such people among us and overwhelm them with gifts.

1. Personalized Card Holder for Bankers

Present your banker friends this charming rosewood business holder, encompassing the clock and the roller ball point pen. The extraordinary feature of this item is the banker’s name and design can be engraved on it with a 100W laser engraver. Later, it is filled with gold. Dimensions of the piece are 6.5 inches length, 2 inches height and 1.75 inches depth. The pen set is elegantly customized making sure your banker friend doesn’t lose his essential cards.

2. Premium Cufflinks with Gift Box

Add a little spice in the personality of your banker friend by gifting him the handcrafted cufflinks. Each cufflink is individually inspected to make sure the quality of the material and design of the product. Do not give a second thought and immediately purchase the item. Let your friend feel like a “boss.”



3. Banker Coffee Mug

A super economical gift is here to boost up the energy levels of your friend. Gift him the coffee mug with the quote “I’m a banker what’s your superpower” carved on it. This ceramic mug is a perfect fit for those who love coffee, tea, hot chocolates, beers, whiskey-like beverages. The comfortable grip allows the user to hold the mug firmly in their hands. The vibrant and the crisp color of the mug will never fade away after washing. It is dishwasher and microwave friendly.

4. Heavy Duty Expanding File

Sick of seeing the messy working tables of your banker’s friend? In the blink of an eye buy this magical item allowing him to collocate his files. It is a heavy duty item able to withstand the bundle of papers and files. It comes with the A-Z tags, and flexible enough to let the user clutter or declutter his files regularly. Flap and elastic cord closure system makes sure the papers are in place and well arranged. There is a room for a file to expand desirably.

5. Texas Instruments BA II Plus Financial Calculator

Let your friend’s mind be empty of business formulas, calculations, and mathematical figures. Gift him this super-sonic, and smart financial calculator. All the estimates of profitability, time-value of money, loan amortization, IRR, NPV are solved in a snap. All the calculations are waiting to hit the right buttons and results are in front of your eyes. Amaze him with this marvelous piece of technology.


Wrap the presents for your banker friends in a quirky crisp style and present them warmly. Make sure you remove the price tags, after all, they deal with money can spot you in no time.

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