$10 Gift Ideas to Show Your Appreciation


Saying thank-you to someone who did something good for us a favor is cost-free. But, giving someone a thank-you-gift will just be worth the cost. Offering gift should not be that expensive. What is important is the thought you put on it and you want that person to be happy by doing a favor for you.


Do you really want to give a gift to someone who help you and do a favor for you but you don’t have enough money to buy expensive one? Do not worry. We are hoping that the following thank-you-Gift under $10 can help you buy the ideal present you want to buy.

1) Thank-You Cupcakes ($5.50)

Thank You cupcakes

Let him/her feel the goodness of your thankfulness by giving a delicious Thank-You Cupcakes as a gift for a very affordable price.

2) Thank-You Jumbo Cookie Chocolate Chips ($6.99)

Thank You Jumbo Cookie






Let him/her taste the sweetness of your appreciation by giving a Thank You Jumbo Cookie Chocolate chips as a gift for a very affordable price.

3) Thank You Berry Much ($6.45)

Thank You Berry Much

Put a unique twist in showing your appreciation. Give your friend a Thank You Berry Much as a gift and let him/her taste the delicious berries.

4) Thank You Pink Purse Manicure Set ($4.00)

Thank You Manicure

If the person you want to give a present is a girl then Thank You Purse Manicure Set can be a good choice at very affordable price. Now, your friend can put her stuffs inside.

5) Thank-You Silver Round Charms ($5.73)

Thank You Silver

Remember to say thank you with this Thank You Silver Charms as a gift. Make him/her feel how lucky you are to have a friend like him/her.

6) Thank-You Tea ($9.70)

Thank You Tea Bags

Make the person you want to thank that you care for him/her by giving a Thank You Tea. It is an organic lemon verbena that good for the health.

7) Thank-You Skinny Tie ($4.99)

Thank You Tie Gift

Add your friend’s tie collection with this Thank You Skinny Tie. He would probably love it for its checkered design.

8) Thank-You Scarf Wrap ($8.28)

Thank You Scarf Wrap

Give you wife or a friend a fashionable Thank You Pashmina Scarf Wrap and made her feel the warm of your appreciation. She will surely like it for it soft, check plaid striped design.


9) Thank You Tic Tac Freshmint Singles ($9.95 – pack of 12)

Thank You freshmints

Give some refreshing thanks to your friend with this Thank You Tic Tac Freshmint as a gift. Your friend will love its freshmint sensation.

10) Thank You Love-Wedding Song ($0.99)

Thank You Wedding Song

Reminisce your romantic days as you listen together to Love-Wedding Song and let him/her thank for having him/her in your life.

11) Thank You Fruit Jelly Slice ($9.99)

Thank You fruit jelly

Give your friend a delicious and sweet gift. She will love the red strawberry banana flavour of your Thank you Fruit Jelly Slice.

12) Thanks a Million Chocolate Candy Bar ($4.75)

Thank You Millionare Candy Bar

Say thank you a million dollar time and let your friend taste the sweetness of your thankfulness by giving this gift.

13) Thank You Cards ($9.99)

Thank You Cards

In any gift ideas, a thank you card can never be forgotten. Say thank you in your most creative and personalized way as you can by giving Thank Cards with 6 different beautiful designs.


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