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It is always an act of kindness to show support when a friend is going through hard times such as death. On the other hand, you have to appreciate your friends for being there for you during that tough moment. So, how do you show appreciation to the people who supported you? It is as simple as sending a message saying thank you for sympathy. It is not easy to sit down and write the appreciation notes as you grieve, but it is also important that you acknowledge people who were there for you. However, if you are not in a position to do so, let a close family member or a friend do it for you.

How to Write Thank You Sympathy Notes

You can write the appreciation notes anytime from the funeral day. Most people find it more appropriate to write after two to three weeks after the beloved one was laid to rest.

Who to Send Appreciation Sympathy Notes

It will take much of your time if you decide to thank every person who showed up at the funeral. Instead, target to send the appreciation notes to only those who did something extra. Send a thank you for sympathy note to the following people:

  • The people who brought or sent flowers. You might think they are just flowers, but it shows they were thinking about you. If someone sends you flowers, it means they had a good relationship with the deceased.
  • The people who supported you financially. They might have donated money for the funeral or memorial. Do not mention the amount of money they contributed. It does not matter how little someone provided, they all went out of their comfort zone to give out that dollar.
  • People who helped you in various ways. Some people might not have had money to offer, but at least they showed their support in tangible ways such as to babysit your child, provided a means of transport, brought food and any other thing.
  • The band that performed at the funeral. It could be a single musician or various people who offered to perform. It takes a lot of courage to perform in a funeral where everyone is sad.
  • The pastor or any other person that conducted the funeral. Most people might not find it relevant to thank the pastor since they think it is their duty to conduct the memorial service. That’s wrong; imagine what would happen if the pastor did not turn up.

When is it Too Late to Send Thank You Sympathy Notes?

Mourning a beloved one’s death can take the best part of you. It might take you a month or even two to remember that you need to acknowledge people for sympathizing with you. Well, you might not have forgotten, but you lacked the energy to write those notes. It is more than a month after the funeral, you feel better than before, and you are wondering whether it is still a good time to send the thank you for sympathy notes?

It is never too late to appreciate to those who sympathized with you. However, your gratitude should be accompanied by an apology for taking so long to express your appreciation for their support. Your appreciation notes will be appreciated regardless of the funeral being months ago.

How to Remember Who to Acknowledge

  • You will get many calls and visit during this time. If you depend on your memory, you might not remember every person who deserves to be sent a thank you for sympathy. It would be a smart move for you to write down the names of these people on a sheet of paper or maybe a notebook.
  • Get someone to keep records of every visitor and call you get. A visitor’s book would help so much on this one. The person assigned to keep records of the guests should ensure that every guest signs in the book before leaving.
  • People you do not know might show their support because they were close to the deceased. Make sure you get their first names and phone numbers as well.
  • The people who were there for your loved one before the tragedy. This mostly includes nurses or anyone else who volunteered to nurse. Do not forget to thank the close friends who used to spend most of their time with the deceased too as they feel a great loss as you do.

What to Say in a Thank You Note for Sympathy

A thank you for sympathy note should be very brief. You only need to write two lines or two at most. You can either buy preprinted sympathy cards or blank sympathy cards; whichever you chose will do. However, since writing a appreciation note for sympathy does not require much writing, you can just buy a preprinted one and sign your name on it. Hand delivery is not appropriate for this kind of notes. It is best you send them by mail.

Check out this 11 steps to write your thank you card on wikihow.com

A sample of thank you sympathy notes

Dear Marion,

Thank you so much for the financial support you gave to my family in memory of my father. The message you sent touched my heart, and it will be of help to me during this challenging moment.

I appreciate your help during this sad moment.

Thanks again.



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