How to Say Thank You for Condolence Messages

Losing a beloved one is a painful thing that you would not wish even for your worst enemy. It brings sadness and grieving in a family and to the friends too. Once it has occurred, there is nothing much to do about it other than comfort each other to get over it easily. There is no better way to express how sorry you are for the loss other than sending a condolence message. It also shows that you had a good relationship with the person who passed away.

Most people do not understand the importance of thanking your friends for being there for you and especially sending you those condolence messages.  You might think to yourself it is just a condolence message; it is not very easy to write a condolence message as it involves a lot of emotions. So, how do you express how thankful you are for these comforting messages that touched your heart? Sit down and write a thank you for condolences message to them all. Read through the following to know how to write this kind of a thank you message.

How to Write a Thank You Message for Condolences

  • Your friends do not expect you to thank them for their condolences right away. Take your time to heal from losing your beloved one. Writing a thank you for condolences message will not be as easy as writing a birthday card; you will need to be in your right mind. You can wait maybe up to two weeks after the funeral for you to consider writing these messages.
  • Decide on the means you would like to use to reach out to your friends. You can write them an email, text message on your phone or simply write them a handwritten message. Choose which ever you feel is more convenient with you.
  • Do not rush to start writing a thank you for condolences message without thinking it through. Give yourself ample time to think of what you want to write to your friends for attending the funeral or simply sending the condolence messages.
  • Make the message as brief as possible and straight to the point. All your friends want to know is that you received their, message, flower or card. They do not expect you to write them a very detailed message as they understand your situation at that time. \
  • Like you would do when witting with any kind or letter, start with greeting. You might need to start with “dear” and then follow with their name.
  • Start with expressing how thankful you are in the first line. Make it clear what you are thankful for. For example, ‘thank you for being there for me during these hard times”.
  • In the next two or three lines, let them know how their condolences helped you get through the difficult time. As tempting as it is, no need to explain so much as your thank you for condolences message should be as short as possible.
  • Thank them again in your closing line. Keep it simple on this one; a simple “Thank you again for being there for us” is enough.
  • Make a polite ending by using maybe,” with love” , “best regards”, “with thanks” or any other you prefer. Include your signature after that. If you are sending it on behalf of the entire family, use words like “the family of….”

Items you might need

  • Stationary
  • Pen
  • Envelope
  • Postage


Tips to Consider

  • Ensure the thank you for condolences messages are brief and sound sincere.
  • A handwritten message is better than a typewritten or emailed one as it makes it feel more personal. You might be thinking we are living in high-tech world, but sending a hand-written message is the right thing to do. It also makes it sound polite, like you mean every written word and it also shows that you took your time to think it through.
  • Do not buy a pre-written card to just sign it and send. This might be taken as being insensitive especially by those people that you do not know or maybe those who are not close to you.
  • Use your last name as the signature when writing to people who are not close to you, especially the workmates of the person who passed away. This is the only way they will know that it is from the family of the deceased.

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Sample of a thank you for condolences message

Dear Zara and Rodney,

Your condolence card was timely and it really helped me get through the long nights and days I had last week.  I might have received many condolence messages on my email, but the card you sent to me was exactly what I needed at that moment. It was comforting having a tangible card that I could hold and read every time I felt low. I really appreciate you for that, thanks a lot.

Do not worry much about me, I feel much better now though it might take a while to get used to mom not being around. Grief takes its time and I cannot control that; for now all I can do is be thankful for the many years I got to spend with my mother and also for having great friends like you in my life at this moment.

With love,


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