Thank You Poems for Teachers

Most people owe their success to teachers. Even so, you will be surprised to learn that teachers rarely get the acknowledgment that they deserve. So, there is this educator or instructor who goes out of their way to make you successful in school and you are wondering how to thank them.  All you need to do is write them teacher appreciation poems. Thank you poems are one of the best ways of expressing your gratitude to your educator or instructor. Your poem not expected to come out exactly as a poet’s would; just try to rhyme a few words here and there.

How to Write Appreciation Poems for Teachers

Step 1: Before you start expressing your gratitude in the teacher appreciation poems, make sure you clarify who you are sending it to.  You can address your educator or instructor using their first name.  Use “dear” before their name to make sound official.

Step 2: Think of how you would describe your teacher and the things you would like to thank them for.  Look for few sweet attributes and write them in three different lines.

Tips for Writing Appreciation Poems for Teachers

  • Speak out your heart

What do you think of that teacher? How would you describe the teacher?  Use whatever you come up with throughout the poem. You do not have to worry about having a foggy mind, anything positive is acceptable in an appreciation poem.

  • When you first met the teacher

It would be a smart thing if you gave your educator or instructor nostalgia. Try and remember your first encounter with the teacher. Try to think of every detail about that day when you got to know the teacher.

  • Comparison

Let the teacher know that they have changed your life for the better. Teacher appreciation poems can be used to compare how your life was before and after you met the educator or instructor. Mention how much they never gave up on you and how they believed in you even when you did not. Everyone one likes to be praised; your teachers too love it.

  • Tone

Remember you are not a poet, so worry less about your tone. However, try to make it have a thank you tone as much as you can.  Be yourself and write from the heart.  Include everything that you would like to thank the teacher for.

  • Pattern

A poem is not all about rhyming words. Do not feel troubled for not having any words that rhyme. Some of the best poems out there do not have rhyming words.  The words that you use in teacher appreciation poems are what matters and not how you use them. Do not force words to rhyme, let the poem flow.

  • Be descriptive

Writing a poem is all about describing something. The same case should apply to a thank you poem for your educator or instructor. Think about how you would describe her. Why would you thank her?  What makes her stand out from all the teachers? The more you think about these questions, the more content you get for your poem.

  • Tackling the first line

Be careful with the first words you use in the poem as they are the ones that will determine how the entire poem will flow. Also, the first lines should make a good impression and give the teacher morale to continue reading. You do not want your thank you poem to bore your educator or instructor right from the start. Make it exciting and as simple as possible. If the first line is complex, your teacher might take that the whole poem is complicated and give up reading it.

  • Recite the lines of the poem as you write

Having the right number of syllables in a poem is not easy. Reciting the lines aloud will help you figure out if your syllables are okay. However, no need to struggle much with the poem, your teacher will understand that you are not a poet. They will not mind a poem that looks less like one as long as they get the message.


The best way to deliver teacher appreciation poems is by giving them directly. You can chose to give them out before the class starts or after. Mailing too is not bad but you do not have to go all the way to the post office to buy stamps and yet you can hand deliver the appreciation poem.

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A sample of teacher thank you poems

Every day you come to class and greet us your students with a smile on your face

Though the random exam that you brought us the other night felt like a real race

Money is not what fuels you, you have passion for what you do

You have a special calling to teaching us your students which is true

Some days are not smooth, but you remain strong and true to your course

Then you see our little angel faces and let our inspiration be your force

When you are in the classroom, you never let our ignorance make you forget why you are there

You make differences to our lives, your students to whom your heart always share

The pride of being a teacher is like none other, you show passion for what you do

And now appreciations will always be shared from us your little angels to you


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