Tips On Writing Retirement Thank You Letters

When it is time to retire from working life to adjust to the usual daily life with less responsibilities, most people are happy to make that transition. Like any other transition process, it is better to leave good reputation and feelings as you move on the next step into the future. A retirement thank you wording could serve as the best way to send your wishes to the retiree for a work well done and quality time of devotion to the company’s responsibilities. The major key when writing to the retiree is the tone to use as this highly expresses your sincere gratitude.

How to Write an Appreciation Retirement Card

Be straight to the point

When writing this kind of letter, it is better to consider making it short and ensure to mention the intent of the letter on the first line. This will save time for the reader to get the message without having to dig deep for information or trying to find the relevance of the letter. In this case, it is better to have the note be in general form as timing is relatively important. This kind of thank you wording should be sent       in some few weeks before the last day of work for the retiree.

Express your gratitude

In most occasions, retiring ought to be a life milestone that should not go without a celebration. If you are the one to retire, family and friends are most likely to throw you a party and shower you with gifts as well. Etiquette demands that you should use a high quality retirement thank you and you should ensure you write it out of sincerity and gratefulness.

Consider the recipient of the letter

An appreciation letter during retirement usually addresses either a group of people or specific persons. This is applicable in the case where a retiree wishes to thank his or her teammates or alternatively, the colleagues wish to thank the retiree for the services offered or the role-played in the company’s progress…It is worth acknowledging the efforts and responsibilities of an individual especially when it worked positively towards the development of the company.

Factors to consider when writing a retirement thank you

Writing a retirement thank you letter is an ideal way to give thanks to your employer or coworkers because they are the people you worked with on the previous day-to-day routine.

  • The content in the given letter should be dependent on the appropriate recipients. When addressing superiors, you are required to use a formal tone and a less formal tone when addressing the letter to coworkers. This will highly determine the sentiment expressed from the heart. Generally, the letter contains an opening statement relating to the retirement.
  • The letter written to coworkers, should speak of the great moments shared at work or the skills nurtured during your working time. The experiences will remind the recipients of the letter on the role you took part in the success or development of the company.
  • Acknowledge the trust shown to you during your work tenure. The advices that were keeping you going, and nurtured your confidence and courage should be the key reminder on your acknowledgement statement. Express what you have learned throughout your work experience in the given company. In addition to this, be grateful for the opportunities given to you that have been a great contribution in unleashing your potential to the fullest. Without forgetting, in retirement thank you speak of how you are thankful for the support you received from them.
  • If you are addressing your coworkers, remind them why they matter to you and what makes them the best colleagues any worker can have. Address the role they played in your life and the achievements you were able to meet following their support and love. Request them to stay in touch even after you retire and wish them the best as they continue to work in that particular company.

The above factors are enough to assist you in coming up with an impressive retirement thank you wording for the relevant recipients in the case where you have to retire from your work.

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A sample of a retirement thank you letter


Mary G. Houston

Brittle Tourism Company

1034 Spin Water Drive

Brooklyn, NY 21123



James L. Brown


Brittle Tourism Company

1034 Spin Water Drive

Brooklyn, NY 21123


RE: Thank you letter on retirement

Dear Mr. James,

I write this letter knowing am about to leave this company and my profession as a supervisor in Brittle Tourism Company. In the coming week I will be turning 60 years and therefore, will have to retire from my job. I wish to express my gratitude for the all the support I got from you. Thank you for the trust you showed in me during my work period.

Your words were a pillar of courage. The advice you gave me assisted in building confidence in me and more so lifting my self-esteem. You were always available when I needed help and you kept urging me to work hard as you saw I have the ability to unleash my potential. Over the years I have worked in your company, I have learned a lot from my colleagues too. I got great opportunities to unleash my potential to the fullest.

Every day in your company came with new learning experience. I do cherish the time I have spent in your company.

Thank you for the love and support.


Mary G. Houston


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