Tips For Sending A Referral Thank You Letter

It is a proper etiquette to say thank you whenever you receive a referral. Address the gratitude to the person who made the referral by sending him or her thank you for your referral note. However, the obstacle for many individuals is finding how to say it. First, be sure to get permission from the referred person as to whether you can send your acknowledgement. This is because; it is common to find other referral s who can totally disagree with that idea.

Express your gratitude in the most effective ways, and ensure you use friendly language with no mixed ideas. Sign off the note with an unrelated sentence to the referral.

thank you for referral

How to Write a Referral Thank You Letter

  • The timing- In this case, you should send this kind of notes in twenty-four hours or less following whatever inspired you to do so. Sending the note with immediate effect emphasizes on gratitude. It also reinforces the behavior you would want to see from the recipient and does not need to drain your brains or memory. Due to your busy schedule, you might think that you would never forget such a favor but with everyday activities, you will surely end up forgetting. That is why it is for the best to convey your thanks in the right way.
  • Be specific- When adding personalization in thank you for your referral notes, the meaning is of great worth compared to appreciation notes addressed to multiple people at the same time. This means, you have to include wide information on this particular interaction.
  • Keep it simple- When it comes to appreciation notes, there is no need to write complicated words or lengthy for that matter. Consider writing a few paragraphs for expressing gratitude. This will give great results.
  • Check typos- you can check your note for corrections or rather have a trusted friend check it for you. Not any one will do in this case, consider someone with skills and easy to note mistakes where need be. In addition to it, the person should be able to devote his or her time to ensure your work is well checked. When you send a note with a typo, you might not know the mistake you have done until you hand it to someone to help you check it. A simple typo can give a terrible outcome especially if it has interfered with the recipient’s name. Make sure your note has a desired effect.

What to Write in a Referral Thank You Notes

  1. Style- when writing a thank you for your referral notes, consider using a formal format as this will be impressive to the reader and will send a good gesture. The reason behind this is because; most of this letters are usually addressed to individuals of different levels. For instance, you can have a former teacher send you a referral after his or her graduation. It will not be right to use a less meaningful language in sending gratitude because, it is highly expected that as long it’s a referral from a senior perspective, then both the reader and the sender have to use formal language since they are seniors.
  2. The earlier you send, the better because timing is a major factor to sending thank you for your referral notes on time. It is better to be punctual and keep in mind those who play a pivotal role in your career. Out of courtesy and loyalty, add personalization to the recipient to make them know how much you value their efforts. Despite the fact that, they may no longer be with you, they will have it in mind that you do not forget about them hence you have their better interest at heart.
  3. If you can write a hand-written note, it will simplify things for you because it shows you had to sacrifice your time to send your letter of gratitude to the recipients involved despite the fact that you have a tight schedule to follow in your normal day-to-day routine.

Lastly, ensure the content you write has meaningful words. By writing meaningful words, it does not mean coming up with content full of words. It could be lengthy but has a nice content in it worthy sending to someone. This thank you for your referral notes are the suitable method to rebuild a connection between two people who might have stayed for long without seeing each other.

thank you for referral

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A sample for a thank you for your referral note

Dear Emmanuel,

I cannot thank you enough for having referred your friend Tony in my school. That was a kind gesture from you. I am so glad that after working in my school for ten years, you still believe it deserves the best…and what can be best other than finding a perfect replacement for our late teacher Mary. Over the past years, you have been kind to our school and did your best in establishing a strong foundation in students. It is with honor we had to let you go as your time for retirement had knocked. However, I look forward to providing same support and care to teacher Tony. I really appreciate it because your help has been a great guidance and a pure blessing.


Mr. Japheth

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