What to Write in a Thank You Card after You Ate

Some people prepare meals for their loved ones. Giving them flowers and gifts isn’t the only way of showing gratitude and affection. One can also write an appreciation message in an old-fashioned way and show appreciation for the meal that has been prepared with much love. If you are wondering how to write a appreciation card for dinners or meals you have attended, you need to read the following easy steps.

Thank You dinner


Address casually

Remember, this letter is being written to someone you have spent time with and shared friendly moments. You don’t have to be formal and professional. You can be casual and loving. You can address the friends of relatives who have had you over for dinner or lunch by their name or by saying other causal terms. 

Make it hand written

Don’t go for cards and printed thank you letters and notes. You shoud write a short appreciation message. This would have a very loving impression on the recipient. He will feel how you have genuinely taken out time to thank him. 

Perhaps the easiest way is to create a video when you have your smartphone or equipment come by and send it over – Look at how people appreciates one taking care of each other by providing others with food in need.

Mention details

When you thank the person for making lunch or dinner for you, you may thank him in a better way by mentioning the dishes you have never had before and how you loved their cooking. You should mention your favorite dish from the dinner and the one that you ate more than anyone else in the party. You may also mention details like the spice in something that made you go wow! These details will show how much attention you paid to the meal prepared for you. Further, it will also enhance the affection of the recipient of the letter. You may also mention a certain incident from the meal that you will always remember and cherish as good memory. 

End sweetly

You can end sweetly by saying how you would love to have your friends over at your place sometime too or how you will do the same for others in the future. Also, you can ask for the recipe of your favorite dish from the meal to actually show much you loved it. Mention a joke or humorous sentence that will enlighten the mood of the reader. Then end the appreciation message nicely by writing your name and the name of your wife or companion who was with you there at the meal and loved the dinner or meal too. This would be a perfect appreciation letter. 

 Thank You Meal 1



Dear Emma and Jorge 

A big thank you for buying Smith and I dinner last night. The meal as well as your company was wonderful for us. You guys made our night amazing and full of memories. It was really fun to be around you. We have meet after a year and I still feel the sparkle in our friendship has not changed a bit. 

The chicken was delicious and the dessert was simply amazing. It was hard for me to believe that you made this and Jorge actually assisted you. Smith was quite impressed with all the presentation. I can’t wait to do it all over again. 

Yours lovely friends,

Lita and Smith


5 Thank You Gifts for Free Meals

Scrumptious meals, spicy meals, cheesy or sweet and sour meals all have their significant smack, but “free meals” with such flavors stands out among the rest. Forget not to take gifts to regard thank you in the food outlets or money-saving restaurants who offer free meals.

1. The Bloom Times Fake Plant

Plants either fake or real unquestionably gives the very soothing and calm effects to the atmosphere and surroundings. The fake plants are best options for those who are unable to take care of natural indoor plants and still love to keep them. A fake plant will give life to the dull and gloomy bookshelves, dining tables, working desks and kitchen shelves. Human-made plant will give a lifelike, graceful touch of nature to dead dull spaces. No need to invest in soil and pots when you have this unique piece of fake plant.

2. Wooden Boat Ship Steering Wheel Wall Decor

Wall decoration is a blend of vintage and retro styles. Placing this nautical piece of wall decor will compel you to imagine sailing a ship in roaring sea waves. It comes with a fishing net and seashells adding charm to this wooden ship steering. Hang it on the walls of your bedroom, living room or drawing room walls. It will look fantabulous in any corner of the house.

3. Premium Quality Clear Plastic Apothecary Jar

The amazing side of this jar is it seems like a glass jar but, it is a plastic jar. This product will be super cool for those friends who are well organized in their casual lifestyle. Place it on bathroom shelves or in kitchen cupboards, you will not regret it. The jars are sheer and highly difficult to break even if in the approach of children’s hand. Despite being lightweight, they are very strong and sturdy.

4. Clear Plastic Vanity and Desk Drawer Organizers

These clear desk drawer organizers are super handy and easy to clean. The clear see-through plastic gives the look and feel of the glass material. They come in various sizes. Perfect organizing daily use accessory like wristwatches, jewelry, mobile phones, car keys perfumes and much more. They look heavy but in reality have a feather-like weight. They fit perfect for dressing or bathroom drawers. They can easily be stacked over one another and occupies less space.

5. Decorative Basket – Rectangular Fabric Storage

The cute little linen basket will add a little drama on your bathroom shelves or in your bedroom. It is made from the premium quality and durable linen fabric. The round frame around on the borders is there to keep the basket in shape. It serves for uncountable purposes. Magazines, small towels, small toys can be part of this basket. The basket is foldable so a perfect fit for the minimalists. It is friendly to use, even for the children. For the comfortable grip, rope handles are made making it easy to be pulled out from the compacted closets.

“Free meals” brings the legendary and long lasting smiles on the face. Without a single doubt, everyone would love to avail money-saving opportunities. Thank you gift is a must to celebrate such mesmerizing moments.

Here are some awesome thank you notes just for you.

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