Graduation Thank You Card

Did it every happen that you have searched for words. You want to say lot of things but don’t know how to convey them? Did you get so overwhelmed that you couldn’t make out how to thank some one? Well, it happens with everyone. It is quite common that we forget to thank people during busy celebrations. But it is equally important to remember to make for it with an appreciation note.

We travel past various phases in our life. Childhood, school life, college, university, job, marriage and the life goes on. Every occasion has its own importance. We usually don’t realize its worth until we are there. Graduation is one of the main chapters in our life. Once a person is graduated, he/she is almost ready to find employment. Moreover, Graduation is recognition in itself that you have succeeded in your education and you are worth something. In this kind of situation, several people come forward and convey their wishes. They appreciate your hard work and wish you for a bright future. You may even get some gifts and goodies from people who are close to you. In return we may wish to thank the people who wish us and sometimes we may need to express our gratitude to the people who have played an important part in our life, the people who are responsible for where we are today. In such scenario many people often get bewildered on how to convey their thoughts, feelings and gratitude. Here we present some of the Graduation Thank you card wording which will let you express your feelings and thanks to your near & dear.

How to Write a Graduation Appreciation Card

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Samples for different level of Graduation:

College level: Graduation Thank You card wording

Graduation reminds me what I have learnt throughout the life. Thanks for being there whenever I needed support. Your presence is greatly appreciated.

Thank-you very much. I couldn’t convey how glad I am to receive wishes from you. It’s a great pleasure to have you on my side.

Thanks a lot for taking time to wish me on the graduation day. Let me tell you that you are one among the few people who have helped me reach till here. Thanks for everything.

Thank you so much for joining me on this special day and congratulating me. This Graduation-day will be a memorable one for me.

I honestly appreciate it, for joining me in the Graduation-day celebration. Your presence added much more fun to my special day. Thanks again.

Today I start a new Journey in life after this graduation. Thanks for your kind support, advices, suggestions and prayers.

Thank-you very much for being a part of the Graduation day. I couldn’t imagine my celebration without your presence.

High School level: Graduation Thank You card wording

Thanks a lot for joining in the school graduation celebration. I am so happy to have all of you on this day.

No wonder the school graduation-day has become such a great successful event with your presence. Thank-you very much for making it.

There are no words to tell you what it means to me, to have you on my school graduation day. Thank-you very much

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for wishing me on the school graduation-day. I will always cherish your wishes.

It’s a great pleasure to have you on my school graduation-day. You made it more special with your presence. Thanks a lot.

Thanks a lot for the memorable wishes. You have been a firm support throughout the journey. It’s great to have a person like you.

Graduation Thank you card wording on receiving Gifts:

Thanks for the thoughtful gift on my school graduation day. I am really glad to receive wishes from you on this important day.

Thanks a lot for your generous gift and I am glad that you took time to wish me on my graduation-day.

It’s a great pleasure to get greetings and gift from a special person like you. Thank-you very much!

Thanks won’t be enough for all that you did for me. Here are special Thanks from me for the wonderful gift you have sent today and for being there for me all the time.

Thank-you for the awesome gift of love on my special day. It simply made my day.

Accept my sincere thanks for taking time to attend my graduation and also for the thoughtful gift you have given to me.

Thank you for the awesome present on my graduation-day. It means a lot to have a person like you beside me. Thanks for everything.

Style and Content

Thank You Note can be written in formal, casual or sentimental styles based on your mood and the relation you share with the other person. Further, you may send these wishes on a ‘Thank You’ greeting card or reply on text messages or the social media sites.

NO wonder whichever style you choose to write and whatever medium you select to wish them, but the Graduation Thank-you card wording will play a key role in conveying your true emotions. Hope you liked the above wordings and will put them to use.


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