Best Way to Compliment a Customer for Purchasing Goods

This one way of giving thanks has been common in the present times. If you are running a successful business, consider expressing gratitude to your customers more often. Giving thanks to your customers pays off because they may end up coming back for several purchases on different days. However, gratitude should not be all about businesses rather it should be an important part of any social exchange. The reason why it has become a social obsession to thank each other is the same reason why we ought to be sending thank you for your purchase notes to our customers.

This stands on the rule of reciprocation, which is simple, it that when people do good things for us, we are obliged to return the favor. Writing to your customer a appreciation letter is a thoughtful and personalize action that inspires reciprocation.

thank you for purchasing

How to Write a Thank You for Your Purchase Letter

  • Audience- you should consider the person on the receiving end of your letter, necessarily your customer. Keep in mind if they are loyal customers or just new customers. Focus on the number of customers you are writing to, whether it is an individual or many customers.
  • Reasons for sending gratitude- This should be based on the content of your letter. For instance, if they have made a purchase recently from you, give feedback on an important issue or contacted your company or support.
  • Thanking method- In this case, the format of your letter should be given first priority. Consider the information available from your customer before deciding on this.
  • Time- This is a major factor as it determines the method of writing and method of delivery.

Cultivating a Culture on Writing Purchase Gratitude.

  1. Being timely- Generally, customers value timely action which is the major reason as to why it is better to send the appreciation letter in time. This indicates that, no matter how busy you may be, you can take time from your normal duties to give your customers a priority. Most likely, the customer will remember, the reason why you sent the thank you for your purchase Sending an appreciation note promptly after an interaction, the exchange details will still be fresh in your mind. On the other hand, sending the letter in time will ensure you do not forget at all. If responding on time would interfere with your workflow, mark it on your calendar then get down to it when you have time.
  2. Being clear- The letter should be relatively brief and straight to the point. This will help you say thanks without overwhelming your customer with unnecessary information.
  3. Being sincere- Several people are good in sniffing out insincerity. However, it is natural for human beings to sense insincerity because we value quality exchanges with each other. The best way to convey sincerity is through your tone and word choice. In this case, you should avoid generic statements that will make your letter sound like you copy pasted from somewhere.
  4. Using humor-, this kind of note can get a double mileage than the regular one. However, use your sense of humor sparingly and as part of your appreciation note design.
  5. Keeping it clean- When handwriting on this appreciation note, it is advisable not to send a letter that is excessively folded or crumpled. If by any chance you happen to spill on the letter, take time and write a new one. Ensure your handwriting is legible. If a mistake was made during writing, you should start over and not letting a giant scribble on the paper.
  6. You can equally send a token of gratitude. The size of the token does not matter. What, matters is the quality of the token and its relevance.

thank you for purchasing

Alternatively, showing appreciation to your customers will determine the rate at which your goods and services are of importance. Alternatively, its quality in addition. Try show compassion in your thank you for your purchase letter as this conveys warmth and makes you an approachable person. With the right words, you can achieve your targeted goal.

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A sample for thank you for your purchase letter

Dear Martin,

Thank you for purchasing our hi-tech designed washing machine. Your purchase means the world to us. We appreciate new customers who try our products and give appropriate feedback. We hope we made you proud, as that will build confidence in new customers about us. To be precise, many people often take the opportunity to try our new products especially when we have placed them on offers. Your purchasing helps us determine our strengths and weaknesses on the products on sale. With this, we are able to find solutions to minor problems affecting our customers. We totally appreciate you trying us and hoping this will be the beginning of our business relationship. In the mean time, we look forward to making you proud and giving you room for possible amendments in the case you find our product full of problems. You are most welcome to our store. We look forward to serving you again.



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