Bridal Shower Thank you Notes

When you are busy preparing for one of the most important occasions of your life – Marriage, a lot of other things also come to your attention. You need to come out of the memories of bride-to-be party and get ready for the wedding. Before that, it is a great idea to send personal ‘Bridal Shower Thank you Note’ to all those who attended the event and left some gifts for you. A small Appreciation note with few lines would go a long way in fostering your relationship with your near and dear.

How to Write Bridal Shower Appreciation Card


Before venturing on writing appreciation notes, you need to have a list of the people who have given the gifts on your bride-to-be party. It is a good idea to appoint someone for this task. Let them note down the name and the gift given by each person. Some gifts may arrive in mail; make sure that the name of the sender is immediately written on such gift box. Once your list is ready, take out some time and begin writing your Bridal Shower Thank you Notes.


While you are busy preparing for the marriage and selecting dresses, wedding cards and other required things, it would also be helpful to get hands on some decent papers to write ‘Thank you Note’ on. You don’t need to be too choosy in this matter. Any paper with good quality and sober color would be enough.

It is also a good idea to buy two new pens to write down the appreciation notes. It would be quite irritating when you take out some time from your busy schedule to write these notes and you find that your pen is not writing properly. So, better take two new pens, preferably ball-point pens or sharp-edged pens as per your preference.

Further, select a decent place to sit on and write the notes without any disturbance. Make sure that the surface you are using for writing is plain and smooth.

Here we list out the things involved in writing the Bridal Shower Thank you Note


Time is the most valuable thing in the present generation. One can send $10 without a second thought but thinks a lot to spend one hour of time for anyone. So, it is important to thank the people who take out their time for us. Begin your note by being thankful for their concern and for taking time to attend your bride-to-be party. You may use something like “Thank you very much for taking time to attend my bridal shower. Your presence means a lot to me.”

In case the person couldn’t come, but has sent a gift through mail, even they have taken out their time in choosing a gift and sending it to you. You need to thank them for taking out time as well. You may use something like “Thank you very much for taking time to send me such an awesome gift.” People really feel happy when their efforts are recognized.


It is always good to mention how you are going to use the gift the other person has given you. It would show that you value their gift and when you give a good reason for using it, you assure them that you are worth it. You may say something like “I was really surprised to find the (any item) as a gift from you. In fact, I was planning to buy one these days and your gift has indeed helped me a lot.”


As the person has attended the bridal shower and gave the gift, they are also supposed to attend the Wedding celebration as well. Make it a point to mention that you are looking forward to their presence in your wedding.


When you are writing Bridal Shower Thank you Note, take care not to talk about any other occasion or recent event which is not related to this occasion. Let the focus be on the current event in the appreciation card. Other things can be discussed later through some other means. It’s better to keep the appreciation note purely for its sole purpose.


When it comes to appreciation, it’s a double edged sword. An honest appreciation may help you win the hearts of the people, but a fake praise will make you look inauthentic. So, use your words of praise with caution. Do not praise even the gift of a towel as something invaluable. Be honest and authentic.

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Samples of Bridal Shower Thank you Note:

“Thanks a lot for taking time to attend my bridal Shower. It’s a great joy to have you in this celebration. I am quite surprised with the gift as well. Thank you for gifting a wristwatch from my favorite brand. I would always cherish it. Don’t forget to grace the wedding with your presence”

“It was a great pleasure to have you people in my bridal shower. I am also thankful for the generous gift card presented to me on this occasion. It would be very useful during my wedding shopping. Thanks a lot and looking forward to see you in the wedding.”


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