Baby Shower Thank You Wording

Your friends and family came together to shower you with love and gifts for delivering a bundle of joy into the world. The least you can do is to spare some time to reach out to them and let them know how much you appreciated their attendance to the baby shower and the gifts as well. You might have thanked them in person during the occasion, but still sending appreciation notes will be a good idea.

You might have a lot of letters to write depending on the number of people that attended your baby shower. It might not be an exciting task mainly because you will have to address each one of them according to your relationship. Make sure the your wording comes out in an impressive and thankful manner.

How to Write and Things to Include in a Baby Shower Thank You Note

  • Personalization

This is the kind of an appreciation note that you should consider to avoid using “dear” while addressing your guests as it will make it sound formal. Make it a little personal by making using their nickname to address them.

  • Show appreciation

Use the words Thank you in the introduction before bringing in any other stories. It should aim to make your guests feel good and appreciated. A simple Thank you is enough to achieve that.

  • Mention the gifts

The appreciation cards should be written to individuals. This is to ensure that you thank every guest for the specific gift they brought. Just to keep track of the gifts, ask your host to keep records of who brought what gift. While thanking your guests for the presents, mention how you liked them and also how you are going to use them.

  • Write from the heart

Apart from thanking them for the presents they brought, go an extra mile and talk about how their presence in your baby shower meant. Some of your guests traveled from far; this is the part you appreciate them for that. You can use this part to thank those who did not turn up but sent their gifts. Mention how you wished they could make it to the party but again you appreciated the effort they made to send the gift.

  • Promise to keep in touch

As you finish thanking them, make them understand that you are looking forward to seeing them again.

  • The end

Sign off warmly with something like “with love” followed by your first name or any other appropriate signature you would like to use.

Who Deserves a Baby Shower Thank You Card?

Everyone who participated in any little or big way to make the baby shower a success deserves a thank you card. Some people might have attended the party but did not bring a gift with them. That is worth appreciation too. They interrupted their daily routines just to attend your event. Others did not attend nor send a gift, but they wished you well during the event. Write to them thanking them for their wishes and let them know that the celebration was successful.

Mostly, the party host should be the first person that you reach out to. A successful baby event is a result of the host’s effort. Those who traveled miles away to attend your function should be given special appreciations too. The gift givers too should be at the top of the list. Some of them spent a fortune to buy you those gifts. In general, everyone deserves to be thanked.

When is the Right Time to Send Baby Shower Thank You Cards?

Write the appreciation cards as soon as possible before things get so busy. You can start thinking of the thank you wording the following day after the celebration has come to an end. Make sure you send the appreciation notes in less than a week from the day the party was held.

How to Get Creative with Thank You Cards

Try to spice up the thank you card by maybe attaching some the photos that you took during the event. Also, if you are writing to them after the baby has been born; you can include a picture of the newborn.

It would be creative of you to write the letter from the baby. Address your guests as though it is the baby talking to them. Use appreciation words that express how the baby cannot wait to come to the world and meet them.

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A sample of a baby shower thank you

Hey flora,

You are such a sweet friend to me. Words alone cannot express how happy I was to have you at my baby shower. I am absolutely in love with the baby stroller that you gifted me with. This is a special gift that will be used for years till the baby is grown and maybe by the next one. I really appreciate this beautiful present. Thank you so much! I wish we can meet up for lunch this Saturday and catch up.

Many hugs,



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