Thank You Note to Your Driver

We have never even thought about thanking people such as our drivers. Why not? They are doing a fantastic job serving us, taking us places and doing their job well. Such a letter can be written to your ordinary routine driver at home or your school bus driver. You can also write this letter to a specially appointed bus driver for an educational trip. Whichever driver you choose to write, writing a thank you letter for him won’t be that difficult. It will take a couple of minutes but make your drivers feel appreciated and boosted for the work they do all day and night.

 Thank You driver

Start casual

Bus drivers and personal drivers are not formal and always educated. Therefore a thank you letter for the bus driver or car driver needs to be casual and straight to the point. You can start with a casual hello or Hey and state the name of the bus driver. Since the bus driver does not need to be called Mr. you can consider him your friend and be casual. 

Start with thank you

Obviously there is no need to say anything else when you can just say thank you. Start your thank you letter by saying thank you to the bus driver for his services and help. If the bus driver is a regular driver, you can state a particular event or day to thank him for waiting for you even when you got late for the bus. If the bus driver is appointed for the trip only, you can state how thankful you are for his special services. 


Show love and gratitude

You can state further how the field trip would not have been successful if the bus driver had not showed up. Or, you can tell your routine driver how difficult it would be for you to get to school if there would be no bus driver waiting for you even when you get late. You can also state how you are thankful for the bus driver for leaving his personal engagements for getting all the children to school or to the particular field trip. 

End nicely

Ending is not that formal at all. If the teacher is writing a thank you letter, she should state her name and sign. If a student or a group of students are writing the letter, they can all sign their names under the letter. Basically, one needs to sign to end this thank you letter. 

Thank You Bus Drivers 2


Dear Harry,

Thank your for your services for the school trip. We only call you occasionally for the local trips but as this year, there are more students who were about to graduate, we couldn’t rely on anyone than your bus service. Students have always been comfortable with traveling with you and some of you are familiar with you too.

We really wish you could join bus back but we are thankful enough that despite of your own private bus services to take care of, you always give us time to provide seasonal bus services. It has always been a pleasure to have you working with us.

Yours truly,

Madam Jeffery

East High School

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