Appreciation of New Year Message

Words like Thank You and Sorry can mean a lot to some people. If you say Thank-You with sincerity then it can mean a world to someone.

When you are writing a Thank-You-letter for thanking your loved ones for spending New-Year dinner or spending the hours of the New-Year together, you got to add your feelings in the notes. 

Your loved ones would know it well that you spent good times together but some words of love that can really show your appreciation can mean a lot. When someone is acknowledged for their love, they feel great and their happiness gets doubled. 

Thank You New Year


This is how you are going to start:

Start with a thank-you 

Start with a sentence that includes “Thank-You.”  In other words, the first sentence of the letter should be structured with Thank-You. 

Tell the reason 

Then tell the reason why you are thanking. In this case, you will be thanking for the wonderful New Year dinner or night you spent with your loved ones. Without a reason, the letter will seem vague and incomplete. 

Mention the special thing 

Name the major things for which you are thankful for. What was the special part of the New-Year’s Eve?  Why was it special for you?  You can tell about how much excited you were to receive the gift, how much you loved to the special dessert or the firework arrangement. It can be anything that was special to you.

End with a hope for future 

In the end, include a hope for future. Tell them that you wish to spend the next New-Year eve or dinner with your family again. Tell them that you will miss these joyous moments and you would love to make the same memories again. 

Thank You New Year 2

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A good New-Year Appreciation Letter Example 

Here is an example of a good Thank-You-letter for the dinner 


Dear Mr. and Mrs. Kevin,

It was a pleasure for me to spend thanks giving with you. Now that New Year is here, I wish you both happiness ahead. New Year is always the time to show gratitude and I am thankful to you both for supporting me when I thought I had lost my everything. 

I look forward to spend more time with you in 2015 and let you both take care of me. Because of your support and counseling, I have managed to continue by studies and job both side by side. I wanted you both to know that it’s been really helping me a lot.

Kind wishes,

John Richard 

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