Thank You Letter to Your Friend

If you have a friend that has always stick with you through every thick and thin times and you are really grateful to such kind of friend, then why not appreciate him/her with a thank you letter? Sometimes friends can become even better companions than your brother or sister. If you have some best friend who means the world to you then you must definitely write to him/her for explaining how much special they are.

Writing a thank you letter to your friend isn’t going to be a tough thing. You just have to be yourself while writing the letter so that your friend understands that these are your words and you are truly grateful for everything. If your friend has recently given you a big favor and you loved it, then that’s the right time to send the thank you letter.

thank you friend 2

Here are some strategies that you need to follow in order to write a thank you letter for your friend. 

You need to answer to this question “why do I appreciate my friend” is there anything about him or her that makes them special?

The letter will start with greeting first.

Then you have to tell why you are writing the letter.  What is it that you wish to say? Here is the part where you will say thank you.  You must tell them why you are so grateful to them. Share some memories about how you had stuck with each other after all this time. 

Then conclude the letter with a positive statement. It can be a hope to stay the same forever in future. Then write an ending line and then sign off.

Make sure you use your own natural tone in the letter. It does not need to be formal at all. 

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Here is an example of a thank you letter to a friend:

Being a good friend

Dear Martha,

My vocabulary just ends when I get to the point to confess my admiration for you. You are a God’s blessing, someone who was always been there for me when I needed a head start in my life. After all these years you were the one who always stood by me and showed me the right way whenever I got caught up. No one in this world can hold me up like you do sweetheart. You mean the world to me now and I can’t let you go after all the fun and adventure we have been through. I just want us to be forever young. 

Your dear friend 


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