Appreciation Messages to Pastor

A lot of professions in our lives are ignored and not considered much. Among such professions is the profession of a Christian Minister. Any Christian Minister has the busiest life on earth while people beg to differ. A lot of people believe that pastors are only busy on Sundays however they are not aware of all the calls and emails these pastors have to answer, congregations to attend and so on. How can gratitude be shown to these pastors without offending them? Providing money and charity for the church is not the only way of thanking your Christian Minister. The best way to thank-your-pastor is to write a thank-you-letter to him simply. How to write a thank-you-letter to your Christian Minister?

 Thank You pastor


Begin with greetings

What you need to do is address your pastor in the beginning of your thank-you-letter. After writing his name, you can ask for his well-being and say that you hope he is well. 

Detail your thank you

It is very important that you make sure your Christian Minister knows who you are. Christian Minister offer their services and advices to so many people that they might not remember you individually. Therefore, you need to state a particular event or time period when you felt that the pastor served you out of his comfort level. Write the reason why you’re thanking him and for his services that have been given you much affection and help. 

Include details

If you really want to show your pastor that you appreciate him and have listened to his preaching, you can do so by inserting his anecdote or rather any detail you have noted from his recent sermon. This detail can be from a sermon you have attended or a sermon someone close to you has attended. This little detail will touch him personally and he will feel that his message is being conveyed properly to the people of his town and being listened to as well. His preaching message included will have a positive impression of you on the pastor as well. 

End with sincere regards

You can end the thank-you-letter to pastor by stating your sincere regards and how you feel the town would not have been what it is today had it not been the because of the pastor. Write or sign your name at the end of the letter and make him know that you appreciate him for his services through your letter completely. 

Thank you pastor 2

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Dear Mr. Ruggers,

Today, we want to thank you for being our Pastor. You have been serving the church in our community for a long time. Visiting the church every Sunday and hearing the stories about the miracles of God by you is something that’s really peaceful for not just us adults but also the kids.

Also I and my family are thankful for the inspiring message on the dedication of our baby. Your wishes really mean to us. You have always remembered us in your prayers and your presence and contribution towards the religion has been a lot beneficial for our lives.

Cannot thank you enough for dedication.


James Scotts

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