Formal Thank You Letter To HR

If your employer had chosen you for a tough project and you have successfully completed it, it is time that you send him a gratitude letter. Such little appreciation can prove to be a really valuable tool. With property appreciation notes, you will have a greater chance of securing another tough project and move forward with your career in your organization.

If you have been assigned a project that has taken you to new heights of success and you had always been wishing for getting such an opportunity then it’s best to thank your employers through a letter.



Here is how you must write the letter:

Define your purpose. There must be two purposes in the letter. First of all, you must show your boss/employer that you are grateful for the time and consideration. Then you must thank him that he has chosen you for this task. Then tell him that you won’t let him down in the next task, you will meet the deadlines and you will make sure that the requirements of the projects are fulfilled. 

– The style of the letter should be professional. You need to be respectful and polite. Above all, make sure you sound sincere. As it is a business letter, it should be as concise as possible. Don’t ramble sentences and don’t ever make it too short and straight that the employer thinks you have just fulfilled a formality. 

– If you are thanking your boss for a well spent time together fighting for company objectives, you can also create a video on the things you’ve done. Say something like “we’ll always remember you, your [company name], love all”

See the following example on the employees made a video to their boss:

Pay special attention to the grammar and spelling. If you leave any spelling error behind, it can damage your reputation even if the message you wanted to convey was sincere. People usually remembers when they catch it. 

Your letter’s content should be easy to read in general. It must convey the message that you are truly thankful. 

Make sure that the timings of the letter are accurate. As soon as you are selected or closed for the task, you have to deliver the letter to the employer. 

Thank-Every-Employe 02

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Here is an example of a thank you letter to an employer for selecting for a particular job:

Thank you to Employer 


Dear Mr. Tom

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to work on such a challenging project. I was determined to complete in time but the continuous errors and hurdles had always got in the way. I am glad to have such a cooperative survivor. You made me late working hours less stressful for me. 

I explored a lot of possibilities and the project made me learn a lot. My experience working on it was tough as well as helpful. I cannot thank you enough. It’s really hard to find such cooperative supervisors in today’s time. 

Thanking you 

Bill Louis 

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