Thank You Letter to Colleagues (Last Day of Work)

Nothing is certain in this unpredictable world. With the ever growing population and the competition between the companies and man power, many new companies are being created and several others are being winded up. Employees have been moving from one organization to another for various reasons. If the employer didn’t like the performance of the employee, the latter has to leave and if the employee is not satisfied with the remuneration or the treatment given at his office, of course, he/she has to leave. These kinds of situations have become quite common. In such kind of scenario, there comes a moment when you have to write a Thank You Letter to colleagues on the last day of work. It is the formal way of saying good bye to all your colleagues/ employees of your office at one go. In small organizations it might be possible to send individual ‘Thank you notes.’ But, in majority of the work places, the best option is to fire a ‘Thank you letter’ through email.

Thank you letter is a formal way of sending your last words to your colleagues. So, it has to be written with proper care. The impression you will leave with the vast majority of people in the organization may depend on that. Well, to begin with, Thank You Letter to colleagues on the last day of work is better written in a polite manner. It has to be remembered that you are still an employee of the company as you are drafting this letter and it builds your credibility and displays your professionalism to write in a polite tone. However, if you are leaving the company with a clash, it is better to skip sending such letter. It is always better not to write than write rudely or accusing others. It won’t help in anyway finding fault with someone after you have decided to leave the company. On other hand, if you have a conflict but still write a polite mail appreciating the colleagues and management, it would surely look inauthentic. So, write a letter only if you are leaving on proper terms by informing in advance and fulfilling all the pending works.

Here are some points on the do’s and don’ts in a Thank You Letter to colleagues on the last day of work

  • Ponder over for a while on the good aspects of the job and try to recollect the answers for the below questions:
  1. What is it that you liked at this work place?
  2. Who are the colleagues that have helped you?
  3. Who is the team leader or manager that encouraged you?
  4. Which team mates have stood by you during tough times?
  5. What are the facilities or features you liked about the work culture?
  6. Which skills have you learnt or improved at this work place?
  • Once you got answers for most of these questions, you have enough stuff to start your letter.
  • Though it is not an official letter exactly and you don’t need to write it in complete formal style, it is good to address and close in a formal manner.

  • Write your mail with gratitude towards the positive things at the workplace and it is better to ignore the not-so-convenient things there.
  • Thank all the employees who have helped you in several ways in your daily work. Mention the tasks in which they have supported or stood by you. Don’t forget to include your own team mates or employees next to you.
  • Thank those seniors and superiors who took time to guide you or who understood your concerns. Mention an example how certain issue was resolved with the initiative of a particular senior employee. Mention your immediate boss in this section if possible.
  • Mention the situation(s) where your hard work or talent was recognized or suitably rewarded.
  • Give a positive reason for leaving the company and let the people know that you are leaving for a better opportunity but you enjoyed working at this place with these people.
  • Thank everyone for being a part of your career and close the letter wishing good luck to everyone.
  • After this draft is over, go through the whole letter and check for any spelling or grammatical errors.

After the task of writing letter is completed, the Thank You Letter to colleagues on the last day of work has to be addressed to your immediate boss and a copy to all the colleagues.

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Sample Letter


Hello everyone,

I hope most of you are aware that it is my last day in this office. I write this letter with a heavy heart as I have to say good-bye to all the colleagues and friends with whom I have worked for several years. However, it is with great pride I mention that it has been a wonderful experience working with all of you. Most of my colleagues have been very helpful at work and even the superiors have taken out time to guide me when I was in need of their help. I do recollect the wonderful support given by my team mates Ben and Jessica in completing our projects in time. My team leader George and manager Harry have always been co-operative and encouraging. I take this opportunity to thank each of you, who have made my stay at this place a wonderful experience.

I also express my deep gratitude to the team members who have organized the Farewell party yesterday as I am going to leave the office soon. I was really glad to receive a gift as well from my colleagues. Thank you one and all. I have learnt a lot in this company and I move ahead to other place with a hope to learn much more.

I wish you all very good luck in your career and hope that you all will remember me as a good friend and a decent colleague. Thanks to everyone once again, for being a part of this great learning experience in the company.


Best Wishes,

William Slater


This is a sample Thank You Letter to colleagues on the last day of work. You may include additional points or ignore some of them if they are not suitable to you.


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