Thank You Letter for Wedding

Wedding can be a special time for two lovely birds. It brings excitement in lives of everybody close to the bride and the groom. Therefore, it’s a special occasion for just about everyone. Once the wedding has been successfully completed and you have received all your gifts and blessings, it does not mean you are free to forget everybody.  You must thank everybody for coming to your wedding for giving all the love and support.

It won’t be enough to call them or send an SMS to them for saying thank you that you came. You need to write a thank you letter to each special guest to make them feel valued for their presence. Writing a wedding thank you letter can be troublesome for a few people but if you know simple guidelines on how to write a good one, people will be impressed and can remember for a long time. 

Thank You Wedding Party

Here is how your content should be combined:

– Your thoughts should be clear. It must be understandable to the one who is reading them.

– You must greet them first and then begin by thanking them. Don’t just thank for coming to the wedding ceremony, it will make the guest think you don’t remember their gift.  Thank for the generous gift. If it was a cash gift, don’t mention the form and amount. 

– Tell them why you love the present or why it was perfect to you. 

– Look at the thank you note strategy mentioned in this video:

– Then mention how nice it was that you were able to share the happiness with them. 

– Say that you are grateful that you made it all the way to the wedding to support you till the end.

– In the conclusion, mention that you will love to meet in the near future. 

– Proof read the letter and then sends it away. 

Here is an example of a thank you letter for coming to the wedding:

Thank You Wedding Party2


Dear Michael and Britany

Thank you so much for such a perfect gift. Britney, it’s really grateful to learn that you remembered my love for the crystal wine goblets I saw in London. Jeremy even captured my excitement when I saw those goblets. I would have loved if you two came at my wedding too but I know how busy you guys are and how you have to be around Michael’s grandma always.

But Jeremy and I are looking forward to have you guys here in NJ so that we could enjoy some time together and enjoy some memories. 

Thank you again

Laila and Jeremy

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