Personalized After Wedding Thank You Cards

Weddings are important parts of our lives. It shows how much people support and love your sacred relationship that is being built with someone. After a marriage, it is always advised to the couple to write an appreciation message for all the people who have attended their ceremony. This is because it is the guests who make the wedding day what it is and without them, the day would be simple and boring. This letter will show much appreciation by attending of the wedding. Furthermore, this letter will gain the couple blessings and regards of all family members and friends who attended the ceremony. Here are the strategic ways to write a simple yet appreciation  for the attendants of a wedding ceremony.



Address everyone

It is difficult to address everyone who has attended the ceremony therefore you may address everyone by writing “Dear friends and family members” or even “Dear all”. This will save you the hassle of remembering all the names of the people who had attended the ceremony. 

Be thankful and sincere

You can start the letter by simple thanking everyone for attending. You can mention how these people are important in your life therefore you invited them on your big day. Furthermore, you can mention the names of some special people who have helped you a lot in the setting or decoration of the wedding venue. You can also state how you are grateful to all those who made time in their busy routines to spend time with you on your wedding day. 

Seek blessings

After thanking and showing gratitude, not much is to be said in the thank you letter. You may simply write the name of your spouse and say how you both seek blessings and regards of all those who have attended the ceremony. You may mention how the ceremony would not have been special had these people not attended this special harmonious event. You may also mention how you wish and pray to seek a healthy relationship with your spouse and how you need the prayers of all those who love you. 

End with love

You may end the letter by signing your and your spouse’s name at the end of the letter. You may write “sincerely” or “with love” before the signature as to indicate love and affection towards the recipients of the letter. This is how you write the perfect thank you letter. 



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Dear All,

We are thankful and happy to see you at your special day. You have always been supportive and it was because of your love and support that we are together getting into this scared relationship of marriage. 

You have taught us how to love and it’s you who have made it possible to love each other so unconditionally. We truly cherish the love and happiness we have found in one another. We pray that God guides us in making our future and help us maintain this love forever.  Today is the day we will treasure our whole lives. 

Susan and Jeff

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