Memorial Thank You Cards

Funerals can be emotionally challenging events. People present at the funerals present eulogy for the one who has deceased. There are friends and other relatives who show extra care and support for the family who has lost someone close to them. If nothing else, these supportive people need to be shown appreciation for their condolences and love. At a difficult time like death in the family, no one wants to take flowers or gifts to someone. The best thing in such a situation is to write a appreciation message for the supportive people at the funeral. The following are some simple tips you need to keep in mind while writing the appreciation message after a funeral.

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Address or not

If you are writing an appreciation message for someone in particular, you can address the person with his name. If you are writing the letter for a group of people, you don’t have to address anyone. Simple start what you have to say by beginning a paragraph. 

Show appreciation for support

Whoever you are addressing needs to be given much attention and appreciation, you can mention how deeply you were touched by the nice words spoken about the one who passed away. You can also mention some special support shown by the people you are addressing and how the funeral would have been more difficult if the person wasn’t there. You can mention anybody who has shown extra effort in making the funeral possible and saying nice words for the one who has passed away. 

Say a last thank you

You may end the appreciation message at a sentence by saying how you would love if the guests pay a visit to you after a few days for further condolences. You may also say thank you at the end one last time and expect their visit at your home for further making life easier for you. You may make them feel how important they are for you and how their support would make you move in with your life a bit faster. 

End with signature

 You can end the appreciation message by signing at the bottom of the page. You can state your name and your family name at the end of the letter to show how your entire family is paying regards to the one who has shown so much support at a hard time. 

Thank You Funeral


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My family and I were deeply touched with your funeral message for our Jerry. He was fun and loving boy and we know he will be missed by his friends as much as we miss him. Thank you for honoring him. Having your mum by mother’s side to condole her in this hard time was really thoughtful. I wasn’t sure how we were going to make her clam down but with the support of your mother, we had it all control. I am really grateful to her for this act.

It’s a request to visit us soon again. 

Yours grateful,

Smith and family

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