Thank You Cards for Birthday Party

If you have received a wonderful surprise on your b-day party from your family and friends or it was an unexpected gift from your loved ones, you definitely need to thank them for the joy that came into your life on your special day.

A great way of saying thanks would be to write a letter. Sending an SMS or saying thanks just casually is not going to be enough. Writing a appreciation letter can be a really great gesture. In today’s time, if you send a letter to someone expressing your love and thanking them, it can mean the world to them. 

 Thank you birthday Party 2


So how do you write an appreciation letter for the birthday bash you received? It’s not going to tough, rather it will be just like you write usual letters but with a change that you have to express gratefulness.  The letter can be informal too because you are writing it to love your loved one.

Look at the sample video on how to appreciate hosting for the b-day party.

– Start by greeting. Write the name of the person you are addressing the letter to. 

– Express your thanks. Say thank-you for throwing a wonderful party, or thank-you for a great surprise, thank-you for the amazing gift or whatever you want to say thank-you for.

– Then add some details. Tell about the gift. Express what you felt after receiving the gift and were you even expecting something so special? Don’t forget to name the gift. If it’s about the surprise party that you are thankful about then talk about the party. Describe what you loved the most about the party.

– Talk about future. Tell them when you do want to see them next them.  You can also say that you would remember this special b-day party always. 

– Then say thank-you again. And end with the usual regards.

Thank You birthday Gift

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The letter does not need to poetic or flowery, just keep it simple and use your own voice. 

Here is an example of birthday thank you letter


Dear Brenda

Every birthday, you have always astounded me with your presents and surprises but this year, it was something special and I really felt it from heart. The party was simply awesome and if can’t imagine to celebrate my birthday without you. It’s always been a pleasure to enjoy in your company. Although we have been best friends since childhood but you have always helped my mother in making arrangements for my birthday party.

This year’s present was even wonderful. It was a scrap book having pictures of all my birthday moments. I am going to be in Boston next year so don’t know whether we will celebrate birthday together or not. Here is a big thank you from my side.

Love you


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