Online Thank You Card for Baby Shower

When there is a baby coming on the way, it can be a really exciting time for not just the parents but all the friends and family members. Many celebrations are held for the baby and one of the most common one is the baby shower celebration. You have thrown the party and everyone came to celebrate during the event but your work is not done here. You have to personally thank them by writing a appreciation note and letter to every single one of your guests who came to the event.

It can be really troublesome for you to write appreciation message for the special friends of yours who did special efforts to make the gift-giving memorable for you. But here is a guide for you to write an appreciation message for the presence and gifts:

 Thank You Baby Shower


The letter needs to be casual and friendly. you don’t really need to follow any specific rules

Address them and start by saying that you were grateful for the presence.  You can talk about the personal relationship of you and that person whom you are addressing. This will sound much better and the person will feel that you aren’t just fulfilling the formality of saying thanks.

Then go on mentioning about the gift. Name the gift and tell them you love it.  If the person didn’t come and they sent a gift instead, show some regret that you felt a bit incomplete without their presence. Then be thankful for-the wonderful gift.

Conclude by expressing some gratitude and say that you wish to meet them when the baby opens his eyes to this world. 

These simple steps can help you in writing a great appreciation letter to your special friends.

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Here is an example of a simple appreciation letter for-the gift and presence:

Thank You Baby Shower 2

Baby shower

Dear Melissa

The baby blanket is just too much adorable. It’s not the only thing I admire. I also admire your presence at my baby shower. It was a big surprise for me to see you there coming with all those balloons and my favorite red valet muffins along with the baby’s present. I can’t wait to wrap my new born in the blanket. You have always been great at finding the cutest things around. You made my day and surely made by shower special. 

You along with Joy have always been planning something special for me and this time, your presence was more special for me. 

Thank you buddy


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