Thank You for Your Hospitality

It is a common thing in the society to meet each other. We invite people on certain occasions or sometimes casually. At times, we go to someone’s house when we go to their area or city and they return the favor some other time. During such interactions, we do enjoy the company and feel happy. However, it is important to acknowledge when we spend good time at someone’s place. A small note conveying the message ‘thank-you for your hospitality’ with some details of why you are thankful will certainly go a long way in building stronger relationships. Thank you notes are a simple and effective way to convey gratitude and foster good relationships.

We can express our thanks through a text message or an email. However, it would be great if we can take out time to send a hand written appreciation note, preferably with a nice greeting. At times a small gift will also add more happiness to the receiver and lets them know that you felt really happy in their company.

How to Write an Appreciation Card for Hospitality

When you begin to write the appreciation note, make sure that you mention the reasons such as why you liked the place or what things made you happy etc. You may even mention that you would like to visit them once again. A few things to take care of while sending the thank you for your hospitality.

  • Thank you Note is better sent at an appropriate time, the sooner the better. It would make more sense if you send the appreciation note on the next day of visiting someone or probably in two or three days, if you visited them during a journey and took time to go home. However, it would be meaningless if you send this note after a week or two. They would start wondering what made you write it, as it won’t sound genuine.
  • When it comes to the option of sending a printed card or writing a hand written note, it is always best to write down few lines on your own. Even the best and costliest card will not convey the personal affection that can be felt in a hand written message. So, make sure you write few sentences personally instead of a ready made ‘Thank you’ greeting card.

  • Mentioning the details of the event or visit will make your appreciation for your hospitality note sound quite genuine. You may mention the food you liked at the place or the game you people enjoyed playing or the pet with which you or your family member had a great time or the cozy room in which you people spent some good time. Such kind of details will prove that you really enjoyed the visit.
  • It is also a good idea to let the person know how much you care and how much you value the relation between you. You may write a line or two for this purpose. If the person is a casual friend or a neighbor, you may simply convey that you wish to meet them once again.
  • If the person you have visited is close to you such as a close friend or relative, you may mention the dishes that you enjoyed eating at their place and can even ask the recipe of a particular dish. What else can be a better compliment?
  • If you are sending the thank you for your hospitality note through an email, you may also attach some of the photos you clicked in the event or meet.
  • Finish the letter with a personal closing such as with Love, with warm regards or Yours Sincerely and sign your name below that.

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Dear Ben and Elizabeth,

Let me convey my heartfelt thanks to you for hosting a wonderful dinner over the weekend. We all had a great time at your house and we loved every moment. Our kids have been particularly praising the Pine apple pudding made by Elizabeth. They can’t wait to have some more!

We really enjoyed at your place and felt at home all the time. If you ever visit our city, please do come along. We will be very glad to host you. We would love to meet all of you once again.

Best Wishes,

Harry and Victoria.


Here goes another example of thank you for your hospitality note:

Dear George,

Thank you very much for calling me and my family on your 25th wedding anniversary. We all had a great time at the celebration. My kids and brother enjoyed the games a lot and my husband was flat with the taste of the food items. I hope you people also enjoyed our company.

The arrangements were great and the atmosphere was comfortable. We have spent some really good time with you people. I loved the special Italian dish made for this occasion. We had lot of fun and enjoyment in just few hours. Thank you once again for inviting us and hope to see you soon.


David and family.


You may add your own experiences, what you liked there, what you enjoyed the most or which food item you liked a lot accordingly. Do remember to express thanks along with an invitation to visit your place as well or with an expectation to meet once again.


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