Birthday Thank You Card

Birthday is a special time for everyone. It gives lot of happiness when almost all the people we know come forward to wish us. Due to the development of technology and social media, people are flooded with lots of wishes from their family, friends, relatives, neighbors, colleagues, neighbors, well-wishers and almost everyone they know on this planet. It’s an amazing feeling and makes one feel so special. It is a true compliment to receive greetings from people in this ever busy world. People are rushing through their lives with such a speed that they often don’t have time to look back at their own life. In such scenario, if some people have taken out time to wish you on your birthday, it surely means that they care for you and genuinely have affection on you. Knowing that, it becomes your duty to thank them for their greetings. This is where the Birthday Thank you Note comes in to play.

How to Write a Birthday Appreciation Card

Well, you decided to write down Thank you Notes or send an appreciation message, but unable to make a start? Here we share some ideas on how to convey Thanks for the Birthday wishes and a few samples as well. Conveying thanks is little different in various platforms. On social networking sites such as Facebook and in email, you can post a lengthy message. But when it comes to text messages or social networking site such as Twitter, you need to convey the message in one or two lines only. If you planning a handwritten note, you can go with three to five lines. You need to choose the size of the message based on the platform you are sharing it.


It is a good idea to include the name of the person or the relation with you in the Birthday Thank-You note or reply. It makes the message personal and makes them feel better that you have taken out some time to thank them. Consider using ‘Thanks a lot for the awesome wishes John’ or ‘Hey John! Thank you so much for the greetings’ instead of saying ‘Thank a lot for the greetings’


Birthday wishes are often sent on mobiles or computers. Though there might be sufficient place in emails and facebook unlike Twitter or text messages, it is always better to keep the Birthday Appreciation note short and sweet. People rarely read after the first two lines of a Thank-you reply. So, mention your other points somewhere else or probably in another message.

If you are wondering how to convey thanks in a better way than simply saying ‘Thank-you’ or ‘Thank you very much,’ do not worry. Here we present some of the better ways of conveying thanks to your near & dear.

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Samples of Birthday Thank you messages to be sent for individuals:

Thanks a lot for the wishes. You have added more brightness to my day and made it more special.

Thank-you so much for the greetings. I am so glad to receive them and you really made me feel so special.

Thank-you very much for taking time to wish me. Let me tell you that it really made me glad on my special day.

I am so glad to receive your greetings. It added more happiness to my special day. Thanks a lot for taking time to send wishes to me.

It’s a great honor to have received wishes from you. I feel blessed. Thank you very much for this kind gesture.

Receiving greetings is a thing of joy. Receiving it on a special day is pure happiness. But receiving the wishes from someone special is really amazing and memorable. Thank-you so much for the wishes.

Many wishes come and go, but greetings from some people remain in our heart forever. You are one such special person in my life and I would cherish your wishes forever. Thanks a lot for the wishes.


Samples of Birthday Appreciation messages to be sent in groups or common page:

Thank you one and all. You people made me feel so special with your wishes.

I thank-you all from the bottom of my heart for taking out time to wish me on my Birthday. It means a lot to me that you took out time from your busy schedules to wish me. Thanks once again.


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